Chiron in the Horoscope, Astrology Class #7 Our Wound is Our Medicine


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Kaypacha has combined 3 different talks from 3 different workshops over the course of his working with Chiron for the last 10 years.

The most recent is “Chiron: Our Wound is Our Medicine,” a 3-hour talk presented by Kaypacha on March 20, 2016 at The Sanctuary in Guatemala.  Chiron, otherwise referred to as the wounded healer, has deep significance in the life and soul of the native.

The second is a live recording of a lecture given in February of 2009 on the Big Island, HI.  This gives Kaypacha’s original, personal take on Chiron through the signs.

The third is the 7th in a series of the 9 astrology classes he offers.  In this recording, he explores the mythology of Chiron to expose the deep meaning of this centaur in the horoscope.  He then goes on to interpret Chiron from Sagittarius to Taurus illuminating how you can better understand this energy which reveals your deepest drive to healing in this life.

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