Eclipse Of The Heart: The Astrology Of Love, Sexuality And Freedom – A 7 Week E-Course


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Course Outline

“Making the Most of the Approaching Eclipse Season” with Kaypacha
We are now entering this year’s eclipse season with 3 eclipses occurring through July and August. Eclipses portend a period of destabilization as chaotic new energies, both positive and negative, enter the sphere of human consciousness to be worked with, evolved, and integrated. The power of transformation that this year’s eclipses bring is compounded with Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus being involved. We can expect major breakthroughs and breakdowns. Understanding the larger cycles within which these changes are happening can give us a context with which to deal with them.

“Relationships and Sexuality in Astrology” with Maurice Fernandez

Some of our most important evolutionary lessons are activated through relationships. As Mars in Aquarius opposed Venus in Leo on the nodes right on the day of the Solstice, this is the perfect season to better understand and realign with our deeper relationship needs. We will focus on the natural sexual expression of the astrological archetypes because sexuality reveals our deepest emotional states. This presentation will offer an opportunity to explore our shadows, love force, and natural selves, and eventually activate kundalini to rekindle the physical with the spiritual.


“The Art of Intimacy” with Christina Caudill

The great awakening of our intimate needs has been ushered in with Uranus in Taurus and breakthroughs are possible when we give more attention and illumination to the deep needs of the body and soul. How can we harmonize our needs for safety and security with our desires for sensuality, excitement and arousal? We’ll take a tour through the Intimacy Houses of the natal chart to attune to our soul’s path for love, self-love, partnership and bonding. We’ll also look at our Moon level needs to attune to the heart of our emotional desires and the nature of intimate connections.


“Sovereignty vs Commitment: Pluto and The Challenge of Evolution” with Ari Moshe Wolfe

We all desire intimacy, and yet we also desire to know our own inherent wholeness. In this module we will explore Pluto and the thorough, inevitable journey of soul evolution as each soul navigates the complex dance of inner and outer. Topics will include: Evolutionary Astrology and the dual desires of the soul, the generation and exhaustion of desire, and the connection between Mars and Pluto in your natal chart.


“All about Venus” with Sol W Jonassen

The planet of harmony, Venus, is extremely important in a relationship. It is this force of love and attraction that shows us our values and who we love. But more importantly, what in the persons that we are attracted to we love. Venus is a key in understanding how to create harmony and equality, and thus union, between two people,. It is often two opposites coming together to make it work and the dance of Venus has a lot to do with being able to find that balance between ”me and my core values” and ”us and our mutual energy”

To understand and work with your Venus placement is important in order to give and receive love. Because you are worth it!

In this segment, Sol will go through the basics and move into the specifics of the upcoming Venus retrograde and how, depending on house placement and aspects to your chart, it can be a great time to learn more about your Venus and your worth.


“All About Mars” with Timothy Halloran

In astrology Mars represents our soul’s immediate and instinctual desires which in themselves directs and therefore creates our experience of reality through how we use or spend our physical energy and orientate ourselves to our own unique passions and drive. Our martian, independent, sexual, physical and primal desires cannot simply be extinguished or sacrificed as they are so related to our own inner-fire and vital life-force. How then can we satisfy our carnal urges and harness the fullest experience that life has to offer us without detriment? In this class we will explore “all about Mars” and his various expressions as well as how to manage such desires in their high potential to include participating and cooperating within relationships and the world.


“Reactivation and Revaluation of What’s Mine, Yours and Ours!” with Julija Simas

By looking at the cycles of Mars and Venus, we get a better idea of what Venus and Mars are asking of us during 2018. The current cycle of Mars began at 4° Leo (August 2017), peaking during the eclipse at 4° Aquarius (July 2018), then culminating at 8° Virgo (August 2019).

Venus’s current cycle began at 4° Aries (March 2017), peaked conjunct Pluto 19° Capricorn(Jan 2018)  and culminates at 2° Scorpio, opposite Uranus (Oct 2019). Learning to use the synods of the planets become key in interpreting and integrating the power and evolutionary steps of the coming retrogrades.

Investment: $299
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Price includes:
  • 7 hour long video master classes, one each week for 7 weeks
  • Printable handouts to better understand the material presented
  • A question and answer forum attended by Kaypacha and Dream Team
  • A private FB group page to share with other participants.
  • A final Live Q and A Webinar with Kaypacha and the whole Dream Team


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