Getting Stronger with Saturn: An 8 Week e-Course

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Join Kaypacha & the Dream Team for this very special 8 week e-Course

Pre-recorded - delivered via email

Eight Astrologers from the New Paradigm Astrology Co-Operative have come together to create a unique and rich learning journey through Saturn's return home to the sign of Capricorn; encouraging you to go deeper in exploring Saturn in your own chart, as well as embracing the challenges and invitations of this new and powerful Astrological chapter.

With this course, you'll receive access to one module per week delivered via email including:

  • 16 Videos
  • PDF handouts
  • Audio files
  • Informative Slides
  • Helpful links that go with each of the 8 weeks of course material
  • Access to the private question and answer Saturn online forum to get direct answers to your questions from Kaypacha and the Dream Team

For more detailed information about course content check out this online webinar that was recorded for the original live course offered in the beginning of 2018.  In it, each of the teachers explains what their course will contain.  This product includes everything discussed here except the live Q and A webinar held at the end of each week.  Instead, the entire staff is and will be available to answer your questions in the online NPA forum!

Course Outline



'Saturn as the Lord of Karma' with Kaypacha
In this module, Kaypacha explores:
- How and why Saturn represents where we face obstacles, delays and limitations.
- How to transform our Saturn karma into positive powerful Dharma.
- How Saturn works in our own best interest; using signs, houses and transit positions.




'Saturn: Lord of Time, Work, Mastery'
with Julija Simas

In this module, Julija explores:
- How the natal placement of Saturn shows us where we work at setting ourselves up to be the best we can be in our field of work.
- The Seven Year Cycles of Saturn, show as where our biggest challenges and tests lie when forging our autonomy out in the world.
- Connect to life's big tests through Saturn to grow, mature and get better at being yourself, by doing what works best for you.




'Saturn in Capricorn Through the Houses' with Maurice Fernandez
In this module, Maurice explores the themes of this upcoming Saturn transit through the houses. As Saturn transits a sign there are general themes that come up, and when we explore Saturn in your chart through the houses, we can see the area of your life that will feel these shifts the most.
Maurice explores Saturn as:
- Deconstructing Areas of Life
- Restructuring Areas of Life
- Rebuilding Areas of Life


'Saturn: Laying the Foundation for Grace to Enter'
with Sol W Jonassen

Saturn inspires us to create form out of inspiration and to not be able to find functional form is painful. Then it is just inspiration without container.
In this module, Sol explores:
- The different levels of maturation stages with Saturn
- The development of true authority
- Integration and correction
- The mountain climber that is not giving up.



with Special Meditation from Sol W Jonassen



Saturn in Capricorn: Healing Shame in Our Selves and Our Systems
with Georgia Takacs

In this module, Georgia explores:
- The Spirit / Matter Split: A Saturnian Story behind a Culture of Shame
- Taking off the Capricorn Mask: Understanding Shame and its Power in the Chart, through Saturn & Black Moon Lilith
- Toward The Polarity: Cancer and the Human Connection in the 'Age of Reunion'


'Saturn & Deconditioning' with Timothy Halloran

In this module, Timothy explores:
- Saturn as he relates to the function of conditioning & deconditioning our human consciousness
- The collective endeavour of deconditioning reflected through Saturn's nodes
- Tools, tips & remedies for deconditioning Saturn in each of the signs--




'Cultivating Soul | Saturn Rites of Passage, Maturity & Elderhood'
with Christina Caudill

In this module, Christina investigates Saturn's lessons of Elderhood. Maturity is one of Saturn's greatest gifts, yet it isn't necessarily a given. Saturn requires that one is in alignment with the reality of where one is in the arc of their life, what is real about their life and what is no longer working. The lessons of the Chiron Return at about age 50-51 can be the opening gateway to the deepening of Saturn's 2nd return at about age 58-60. One of the greatest expression of the maturity of Saturn is Elderhood as one's own wisdom is shared for the benefit of others.

Christina explores:
- Saturn's gift of maturity when as one recognises what is real about their experience of life.
- Elderhood and the Chiron Return as an opportunity of coming becoming a guide to others with lessons from one's distilled wisdom and wounds.
- The 2nd Saturn Return as an opportunity to re-define one's place in the family, community and society.


'Getting Stronger with Saturn, 2018-2020'
with Ari Moshe Wolfe

With Saturn now moving towards an exact meeting with Pluto in Capricorn, this symbolizes the end of an entire cycle and the beginning of a profound global paradigm shift that will span the next several years. As this transit unfolds, life is pushing us to wake-up; stressing our inner and outer muscles to grow stronger, more capable. To prepare for this class we will examine the inner and outer work that is in front of us to do and orient our minds forward in a strong and positive way.

In this final module, Ari Moshe shares:

- Practical wisdom and inspiration for making the best of this time.

- Overview of Saturn's movements from 2018 2010: its retrograde and direct motions and aspects to planets.

Upon registering, you'll receive a invitation to the Private Saturn forum to introduce yourself and get to know your classmates!  

With any questions, feel free to email


4 reviews for Getting Stronger with Saturn: An 8 Week e-Course

  1. Tyron lee alderman
    5 out of 5


    It really looks like a great course not only an online course but a course of life and preperation for the new

    Looking forward to getting to know the phases of saturn and more on how it connects to the phases of life.

    Thank you
    Thank you

    My times are quite different as im in vietnam at the moment any idea on the time difference for the webinars ?

  2. Michelle Markham
    3 out of 5


    This looks and sounds like something I would love to be a part of, but the price is prohibitive to me in the economic reality in which I find myself. Do you have any sort of scholarship available? I am the grand mother of 7 , being able to pass this knowledge on to future generations would be an awesome gift. Not sure how to rate, I’d like to rate 5 stars, but for the price.

  3. Ebeneezer Scrooge
    5 out of 5


    In the vein of leaving reviews for things I have not yet experienced… (are these the spirits Jacob Marley spoke of?)…I am quite sure that these hard-working, dedicated astrologers will provide wonderful and thorough instruction and support through these Saturnian cycles! Much love and peace in 2018!

  4. Mary Law
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This course was really incredible! Lots of great information and teachers. I took this 6 months ago and have changed my whole outlook on Saturn. Excellent help to change fear of Saturn into strength from Saturn. I’m so glad it is still being offered because it was so valuable.

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