Jupiter/Uranus Opposition of 2017


In this video, Kaypacha discusses the nature of both Jupiter and Uranus and what their opposition means. He takes the opposition through the 12 houses of the chart, so you should have your birthchart handy if you don’t know what houses the opposition falls in. (Please visit www.Astro.com to calculate your free horoscope.) The first opposition in November of 2016 was 20 degrees, the retrograde opposition was 22, and the final on September 27th was at 27 degrees of Aries/Libra.

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If you have planets at these degrees IN ANY SIGN they are being aspected by this opposition indicating a shake up with regard to all that that planet signifies. I hope this video helps to clarify the intense rapid changes going on for you and in the world these days and helps to calm the stormy seas of both consciousness and planet earth. Let us not forget that the weather is a direct reflection of the collective consciousness - challenging to say the least right now.

I will be putting out another video soon regarding the energies of 2018 which I refer to in this video also: The Year of Owning Our Power Through Facing Our Fear. Get ready for a wild (or should I simply say intense) year!


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