Kundalini Yoga Kriya Video – Balancing the Vayus with Kaypacha


This kundalini yoga kriya, shot on location at Dragonfly Village, Bali, will help balance and coordinate the five vayus.

  • Praana, through the heart
  • Udaana, through the throat
  • Samaana, in the naval region
  • Apaana, through the sphere of the anus
  • Vyaana, throughout the whole body

You will gain great mastery and control of your mind, body, and emotions once the vayus are all working together harmoniously.  This kriya is appropriate for any yoga practitioner from beginner to advanced.

Product Description

***This is NOT a DVD. It's an instant download video. You will receive an instant download link as soon as your order is complete (after February 2017). Check your email for the receipt/order confirmation and click that link to enjoy! If you have problems with the download, please try a different browser or device. That should fix the problem. Injoy!


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