Kundalini Yoga Kriya Video for the Lymphatic System with Kaypacha

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During these times of stress and change, I have found no better way to remain centered, clear, and calm than kundalini yoga.  I share this particular kriya in my workshops because it helps clear out all the toxins from our bodies in addition to connecting us with our highest "Self."  As far as difficulty, I would rate it as "beginner" or "easy" for those of you who may be new to kyoga.  Thank you in advance for doing the work and helping to create a New Paradigm of Spirit Awakening!

***This is NOT a DVD. It's an instant download video. You will receive an instant download link as soon as your order is complete. Check your email for the receipt/order confirmation and click that link to enjoy! If you have problems with the download, please try a different browser or device. That should fix the problem. Injoy!

Watch this teaser for Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the Lymphatic System

Check out this cool illustrated guide by Laurence of The Pink Spiral - www.thepinkspiral.com

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3 reviews for Kundalini Yoga Kriya Video for the Lymphatic System with Kaypacha

  1. Greta
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Can’t wait to practice yet another of your amazing KYoga videos, Kaypacha! Just purchased :-).

  2. Lucille
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    As I sit down, close my eyes, listen. I begin my moving meditation. Guiding me to open up and let go, release and focus. It is a joy, challenging as I endevour to take one step at a time. Bliss. Love & Gratitude x Note: Once I bought the Video I then was a able to get it as an mp3 on my phone, now I can take it anywhere… to the mountains this summer we go.

  3. Bronwyn
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    are there any particular considerations that I should be making, given that I am 8 months pregnant? I realise breath of fire is a no-no, as are most inversions. Anything else to consider?

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