Working with Shadow: A Journey Around the Zodiac with Kaypacha


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Shadow consists of negative aspects/beliefs/attitudes that we have about ourselves that we hide, deny, repress and/or project.  In astrology, there are many indicators of shadow including but not limited to Pluto, Black Moon Lilith, Saturn, the 7th/8th/12th houses, Scorpio, and planets in these signs/houses and/or aspected by these planets/points.  As I mention in the video, we might consider the whole chart as revealing our shadow as it is a “blueprint” of our unconscious/subconscious self!

In this video, I begin with Aries and go around the wheel of the zodiac discussing what the shadow of each archetype looks like.  It is a discussion that can help reveal some of your shadow to you, how it may act in your life, how it affects your relationships, and what you can do about it.  Just as our wound becomes our medicine, shadow work can also be an integral part of your soul’s evolutionary journey that helps you not only live greater peace with yourself but may also become a major part of your contribution to humanity.


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