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1st Quarter Moon 08º Aquarius Nov 1, 2022


〰️ In Between Two Eclipses 〰️

Being in between two eclipses, arriving at the first quarter moon phase of the cycle, is a pivotal point of self-reflection upon the ACTIONS that you are or are not taking in your life. How are you proceeding? What are you creating? What are you open to? What are you releasing?

We’ve just come through a powerful New Moon Eclipse, and the light is waxing, new seeds have been planted, and new directions are birthing. Our consciousness is growing in this creation and building phase. For many of us, what’s coming more clearly into focus are some of the most important issues and lessons in our lives.

Eclipse times reveal from out of the depths life-changing realizations and opportunities. It’s a soulful and meaningful time that can’t be denied even if one wants to! So as we live and breathe, in preparation for all that is unfolding and unraveling, a grand ripening is underway. As the Full Moon comes near in one week, we will witness the fruition playout and the fruits of our labors, and the love that we gave will give way to a bounty, a reflection of who we are.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is an energetic peak, a climax. Thus, it will reveal a powerful expression of exactly where you currently are in your life. The nature of that bounty will depend entirely on what you have contributed, what you have given to the garden of your own life.

The great emphasis of this time is focused on relationship dynamics. Particularly in terms of how we communicate, how much and how little is expressed, and in what ways. Needs and desires, have and have nots, the giving and receiving. How true are we being with ourselves and with others?

These are Scorpio/Taurus questions, and with the planets Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all entwined in a slow dance with the eclipses, we are being exposed, and our vulnerabilities laid bare. Hopefully to be held in a loving embrace as we each uplevel into a higher awareness of ourselves and our capacity to live life in love. It is all about healing our relationship with Love itself and healing the heart. Venus is coming to its yearly conjunction with the South Node of the Moon and with that, some of our oldest and deepest yearnings are coming to the surface.

With Mars currently in its retrograde for the next three months, we’re all being ushered into a highly self-reflective space that aims to slow us down so that we may feel and reflect on truly what it is that we desire and what we are creating. This is a time when the natural externalized active principle of penetrative force (the energy behind how we get sh*t done) can feel slowed, halted, thwarted, lulled, delayed, stalled, and just paused a bit while we take a minute to get in touch with what truly is the motivation and intention behind our actions.

So the message becomes: Enjoy the ride because you are on it, and adulting and doing life and living is not easy! So, do your best and have fun because there is so much joy, beauty, and love!


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