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Personal Astrology Reading 1 hour
Your one-hour personal astrology reading via Zoom will use your astrological birthchart to answer any questions that you have regarding any aspect of your life. Your chart is a virtual blueprint of your soul. From it, we will see why you are here, why you have chosen the situation you're in, and what next steps are best for your continued evolution.
Cost: $350 - Community Members: $285 Join Here


Relationship Reading 1.5 hours
Your 1.5 hour chart reading, via Zoom, will use your astrological birthchart to answer any questions that you have regarding any aspect of your relationship.  Your charts are virtual blueprints of your souls.  From them, we will see why each of you are here and how this relationship best serves your continued evolution.  Both of your charts, as well as a composite chart of your relationship, transits and progressions will be used for the reading. Cost: $460 - Community Members: $395 Join Here


Astro-Geography Reading 45 mins
Now you can use your natal birthchart to find the best location to live, work, love, and play.  According to the time and place of your birth, different planetary energies are stronger in different locations on the surface of the planet. Find out how you can take advantage of knowing which planets are strong or weak and where those strengths and weaknesses lie.
Cost: $280 - Community Members: $225 Join Here

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For better or for worse, Kaypacha is currently booked over a year out for readings . You are welcome to submit your request for a reading with him and we will place you on a waiting list of "first come, first served." Considering his current schedule, we cannot say how long it may take for your name to come up.  If you wish to have an in-depth, quality reading sooner, Kaypacha has personally chosen other qualified, "Dream Team," astrologers.  Please click on the link "Readings/Dream Team Astrologers" to review and select your favorite.  You can be assured of a high level, revealing and inspiring reading from any one of them.  Thank you for your interest in connecting, and Kaypacha hopes to see and meet you in the near future.

Please be aware that you cannot have an astrological reading without knowing your EXACT birth time. If you do not know your exact birth time, you can request a rectification HERE.

Please do not submit your name to join the waiting list until you have your time of birth ready.

In the meantime, you might check out the SHOP or the COMMUNITY to learn more about yourself, your soul path, and spirit destiny through astrology.  Again, thank you for your interest and Kaypacha looks forward to being more available in the future.  Namaste!

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