So, you’re interested in moving to Costa Rica? Kaypacha receives many inquiries from folks
interested in relocating to Costa Rica. Here are some commonly asked questions and additional
information to help give you an idea of life there. Pura Vida!

Is relocating to Costa Rica an easy process?

I’d be lying if I said it was easy, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible or not worth it. For
starters, it helps if you speak Spanish. Second, residency is no problem, but the cost of living is
not as cheap as I thought it would be. Land, housing, and services are cheap, but food, gas,
and utilities are the same as in the United States.

What places do you recommend visiting while in Costa Rica?

You should rent a car and visit Nosara, Santa Teresa, Monte Verde, and then head down to
Uvita and Dominical to get a good feel for the country on the Pacific side. On the Caribbean
side, Puerto Viejo is a great experience that is very different from the Pacific. Just remember,
this is not a first-world country. There are limited amenities, infrastructure, organization, police,
English, and trash pickup. Expensive restaurants and luxury hotels are few and spread apart.

Pacific side:
Santa Teresa
Drake Bay

Caribbean side:
Puerto Viejo

Jungle & Mountains:
La Fortuna & Río Tabacón
Monte Verde
Volcán Rincón de la Vieja
Volcán Tenorio & Rio Celeste
Volcán Arenal

I’m interested in knowing more about the different communities available.

There are bunches of different communities of different kinds ranging from condominium types
like or to neighborhoods that are not “officially” communities
but have markets and gatherings regularly, to off-grid “camp style” communes.

Unfortunately, there is no central list of them anywhere. It is word of mouth. There are many for
which I don’t have contact info. There are different types of communities scattered all over the

Are there towns or areas with more Europeans?

There are a few expat communities. Check out and
Beach towns like Nosara also attract many foreigners.

Is Costa Rica a good place to set up a small business or retire with little savings?

There’s no money to be made in this country. People who move here from other countries bring
their money with them, retire, or support themselves through internet services. Don’t plan on
selling much of your work here. There is more poverty than wealth. Anyone who is considering
moving here should come and stay for an extended period before doing so.

Is there a significant demand for house-sitters?

No, I can’t say that folks are looking for house sitters as almost everybody rents out their places
when they go somewhere. The best way to figure it out is to take a month or so and visit the
different areas.

Why do you consider Costa Rica to be a safe and relaxed place at the moment?

Most people live a simple life with a mellow mentality.
They follow and trust their president/leaders, so there are few demonstrations. For example,
people wear masks because they are told it’s the way to save lives, so they are happy to do so.
Costa Rica is not a rich country, and that has its ups and downs. It doesn’t have the money for
5G development. Instead, the government invests in free education and free healthcare instead
of the military.

Food grows all year round, and nature and surroundings are breathtaking.

What’s the situation with EMFs and cell towers?

There are many towers but nowhere near as many as more developed countries. There is still
plenty of wilderness where there is no internet at all. There is no 5G, no 4G, nothing G. Many
mountain and beach areas have only dirt roads and offer few services, with no English-speaking

Are there demonstrations, strikes, and civil unrest at the moment?

No. Although, occasionally they will be roadblocks or demonstrations if the President does
something that is not popular.

I hope this helps and wish you the best on your journey!

So Much Love,

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