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I'm excited to be back from traveling and onto present and future biz!  Feeling the shift with Jupiter now in Libra..... whew!  With that in mind I would like to share with you a video of my friend and amazing astrologer, Rick Levine.  He will be a big part of the Astrology Rising convention as he is probably the most read astrologer in the world!  Here he speaks about the study of astrology and just what that is about and how it helps us.  Fascinating stuff.
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8 thoughts on “Rick Levine – The Study of Astrology

  1. Great! So funny because I am doing my first astrology workshop and I have integrated “unified physics” into it from what I have learned doing a course with Nassim Haramein and Rick used a few of the exact same quotes and points I’m using with Kepler s work! Lol

  2. Thank you…Holy Moly…What a power packed 21 mins! It’s beyond imagining, the energy that is created when you and Bruce Lipton get together…you both have Big Minds and Big Hearts!! What a fantastic perspective regarding Saturn and Neptune. I will have to ponder, how my Natal Saturn /Neptune conjunction in Libra on my Asc can be”driven” to create some magic! Great group of astrologers that Kaypacha has gathered…looks like I should be going to Costa Rica!

  3. Dear Rick,

    you’ve been my favorite astrologer for quite some time. I reflect and talk to my friends about some of the counsel and insight you weave into your daily readings often. I have in the past described you several times by saying “My astrologer is a friendly jesus/santa/hippy peace prophet of the future.” I hope that makes you smile. Your words have been very nice to read for years.

    Many Thanks


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