Williams Lake, Canada

How do we liberate our truth (individuate and be autonomous while building relationships) and celebrate these times of great change rather than be overwhelmed? Astrology offers us a lens through which we can comprehend the major alignments now occurring that indicate the need for both personal evolution and community building. This workshop will focus on the Moon’s nodes, Chiron, and Uranus as the gatekeepers of entrance into an expanded state of consciousness.

Occurring during the total lunar eclipse in Leo (opposite Mars) our gathering will explore the powerful lunar energies acting within our emotional bodies stirring the need for personal self-care, expression, and connection. Where this falls in your natal birth chart will further describe what your soul intention is during these times of transformation.

This is a level II workshop where the astrology basics will NOT be covered.
Participants are required to have a foundational understanding of astrology and their charts. Please indicate your level of astrological knowledge when applying for this event.


Day 1
Arrive and settle in. Depart for Belle’s 4:30 pm. Dinner held at Belles Lake. This 2-hour exploration into the current transits by Kaypacha will lay the foundation for our work together. Followed by moon and star gazing at the Belles Lake observatory. This talk is open to the public.

Day 2

A free day to explore nature, kayak, swim, bike, or hike and get to know each other!
5 – 6 pm: Kundalini Yoga followed by dinner.
7 – 9 pm: Kaypacha will offer some insight into the eclipse season with his talk “A Closer Look at Eclipses.” This talk is open to the public.

Day 3-6: Dive Deep!
Kundalini yoga followed by breakfast.  An exploration into the eclipse, Moon’s nodes, Mars, and more. Using participant’s charts we will explore the many unique ways this eclipse season will be spurring each of us on our own path toward Soul-Realization. There will be time for group sharing as well as personal reflection and nature-loving. Exact schedule to be determined by us when gathered as a community.
Extras: Kayaking, swimming, nature walks, biking, pizza and poetry night, dance, and play.

Early-bird: $625 CAD
Regular price: $725 CAD
Workshop cost includes all events, camping, meals, and transportation to/from airport and event locations.