Forgiveness is understanding,
That I may never know,
Why we hurt each other,
Or which one of us needs to grow.

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Black Moon Lilith conjunct the north node of the Moon exact Friday but we have been feeling it a couple weeks, and will feel it a couple more. However, it could well culminate around Sunday as Venus stations and goes direct, as both of these signal a death/resurrection process of renewal that may be somewhat unavoidable.

It is an excellent time to go into, sit with, feel, and heal past relationship woes, hurts, and failures. It is a time when memories can get triggered, feelings re-emerge, and judgments of ourselves and others come to meet us. It is such an opportunity, if we can actually let them come up, not ignore and stuff them back down (where they create dis-ease) and step from judgment to a state of vulnerable inquiry for Spirit to work magic within our hearts, bodies, and souls.

I'm excited to share the 1.5 hour talk I gave last night after this report and it is uploading now. So if you like to go more into this, check out my webpage and/or facebook page for a look at the bigger picture.... coming soon. Wishing you all the best in removing those blocks to future happiness! Injoy!

20 thoughts on “September 1, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. my favorite report and mantra yet! Love the view of the river. Gorgeous and so soothing. I’m committing to myself to practice this teaching. So tired of letting the anger of a hurt rule me and disrupt my family. You are greatly appreciated in this house. Thank you Kaypacha! much love- Amy

  2. Aloha, Kaypacha-
    Your Pele Report once again hit home, perfectly! I’m definitely dealing with Mars-Venus, masculine-feminine.

    You’ve given me a private reading before – and it hugely helped!

    Maybe you’d like to read my new blog post? It’s all about this tension between Mars and Venus right now. Perhaps you can shed some light?

    Here’s the link:

    So.Much.Love. !

    • … und die wohl dümmste Aussage eines Piraten, dessen Mob im Hintergrund nichts als “Yeah” ruft oder Merkels Vortrag mit fragmentarischen Wortwiederholungen skandiert, war:”…nur finde ich es schade, dass sie (gemeint ist Angela Merkel) sich mit uns nicht inhaltlich au2r1nandeesetzt.&#82si; Spätestens an diesem Punkt merkte der Fernsehzuschauer, dass er es mit einem Kindergarten zu tun hat.

  3. Thank you so very much!
    Your words resonate so profoundly and echo reality to make sense if it all.
    Your understanding brings peace to hurt.
    Your personality brings laughter to heavy hearts.
    Your humanness makes route and tools for a happier future.
    Thank you Kaypacha!
    I look forward to your weekly guidance.
    Please please never stop!

  4. I don’t believe the way you just describe what I’m going through everytime I listen to you!! Waouh!! Namasté, so much Love. Thank you.

  5. Brother Kaypacha… Definitely hit OUT of the GAIA Ball Park ! 🙂
    So sweet Profound, Beautiful a Mantra for All ! ! ! !
    Oh man… it definitely has “the feel of 108 times”, maybe it’s no coincidence then that we can say, happy belated Angarak Chaturthi and to accompany your mantra, with the precious gift/voice of Anuradha Paudwal’s Ganesh Mantra 108 times.
    Infinite Smiles, … In all that is, heals each seed ~*~ … In Lak’ech

  6. Kaypacha,

    Just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving this report in your beloved, unique, and inimitable manner.

    The astrological aspects we’re experiencing right now are far too intense to have been approached from the “mind” alone, which in essence was the primary presentation you used two weeks ago. Your interpretation today had me laughing through my tears – and I just want to thank you for that experience.

    You are helping me understand what I’m experiencing in my life from a celestial point of view.

    Please feel my deep appreciation, gratitude and affection for you.

  7. U are back… Wahe Guru!! Thxx God! Just watched the reports from the 2 last weeks with a big smile on my face:) fun! Pls keep it this way… thank u for your guidance, thank u for ur time to prepare these reports; u’re amazing, so much love from Amsterdam!

  8. Dear Kaypacha,

    Each month that passes, you are more Wise, more tender and more wonderful. Each month that passes and your spiritual depth goes further beyond space, time and incarnation. Thank you to accompany us along our path, your angelic help is deeply appreciated. Much tenderness and gratitude from Montreal

  9. OMG, i found myself actually eating a banana !!!!! :DDD thank for the report, I’m back to hear you more often, after my best friend suggested i should listen to your report…been missing you after all !! thanks thanks thanks, so SPOT ON !!!!!!! xxx BLESSxxx

  10. Hey Kaypacha

    Great report, just what I needed to hear !
    just wondering if you ever come to Ireland ? We would love to have you !

    So much love
    Margaret xx

  11. Brilliant and Beautiful report Kaypacha. Thank you so much for enlightening me as to how I can, as a woman, help heal and help “complete the mission” of my/our Divine and Beloved Other-Half. May we all come together as One Family of Humanity and always BE unconditional love for one another; appreciate the beauty in our differences, embrace our uniqueness and endeavor to meet each other’s individual needs with sensitivity, reverence and a glad and giving heart.

    Thank you again for “the splendor” of your message 🙂

    With Love ~~ Blessed Be xo

  12. Thank you for your insights, so helpful and so relevant to what I am experiencing. Although struggling with the pain, it’s strengthening to hear the celestial perspective and a support to know that I am aligning with what’s going on! And helps to be able to stand back. Thank you and blessings! : ) x

  13. You are awesome! Still on Vancouver Island? The river looks familiar. I can see the Island vibes making you silly 🙂 <3 Love your work! Thanks for coming to visit and bless us up on the North(ish) WestCoast! I didn't know you were coming or I would have attempted to attend a talk or what have you. Thank you, Thank you! Keep up the good work brother!!


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