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September 1, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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A crisis is a turning point,
Forcing me to decide,
What is most important to me,
And who I am deep inside.

Did you know Virgo is associated with engineers? And that we are all engineers? We are constantly “engineering” our way through life, figuring out the best, most efficient, cost-effective, healthy way to live our lives, raise families, age, and pass. It takes some time and planning and practice, and hopefully, we get better at it as we grow!

As I mention in today’s report, this engineering requires EFFORT, which is a keyword for Virgo (where we have a New Moon coming).
Its polarity is Pisces, which is the PASSIVE, imaginative, spiritual vision that is balanced, complimented, and fulfilled through effort (or work, another keyword for Virgo). We can go out of balance either way (the workaholic or the alcoholic), leading to a crisis in our lives.

When in balance and activated, this is an excellent time to make your dreams into reality. So it is a perfect time to get to work, the question is, what work? Ideally, it is your creative genius manifesting itself in this world, and you are not being controlled, manipulated, driven, or directed by external authorities. A good thing to remember here would be that someone needs to be in control, and if you are not, then someone else is!

We’re working away here at New Paradigm Astrology, the school is up (check that out HERE), and we are busy bees on Telegram diving into everything astrological! As you can see from the thumbnail, Daisy Moon is busy illustrating my upcoming “What Is Love” book. It’s so exciting! We’re also working on a deck of mantra cards that will be super cool and fun too. Lastly, America is designing some outrageously cool astro T-shirts! So stay tuned and fill up at the New Paradigm astro-station coming to a screen near you soon!

And not only on the screen. Later this month, I’m stoked to be heading over to Ibiza, Spain, to teach a live (finally) workshop on relationship dynamics as seen in the horoscope. There are still a couple of spots open, so come on over!
Then I’m off to Dubai for two workshops back to back. Both these workshops are required for certification as an NPA astrologer so you can experience Dubai and astrology AND receive credits simultaneously! I hope to see you LIVE!

A crisis is a turning point,
Forcing me to decide,
What is most important to me,
And who I am deep inside.

Oh, Shoot! I used the Natasha chart instead of today’s transits!! Sorry about that, but I’m not going to do the whole thing over either. I will catch up next week. Sorry, Natasha!

Alright, Everybody! One addition to this rather lengthy Pele Report is the phenomena of Mars trining Pluto and Venus squaring Pluto both simultaneously! Pluto, the force of evolution, is actually the go-between for the Mars/Neptune opposition and is calling for more discipline and putting more controls on us by the minute. While this can cause us to feel powerless, it can also be the pressure we need to take a stand and assert our true desires.

The 3/4 Venus square indicates a “becoming conscious” of our need to be true to ourselves within our relationships, not be bullied or controlled, even if it means moving on from that (or those) relationships. With this New Moon, now is a perfect time to make some profound, positive changes in our lives that may be difficult for us now but which we will be very grateful for in the future. The more we trust our intuitive guidance and use discernment in all our dealings, the easier it will be to make these positive changes. Go for it!

1. I have to thank Daisy Horswill for that thumbnail! It is her illustration for Virgo that will appear in my forthcoming book “What Is Love!” Stay tuned for details on the book and to see more of her amazing artwork!

2. Of course, the song for this week is Eric Clapton’s newly released, “This Has Gotta Stop!”

3. I mentioned a Hard Day’s Night in the report because Virgo can feel like sometimes. Hopefully, you “get home” to somebody!

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