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September 12, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

September 12, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

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The stage is set,
The plan’s complete,
It’s time to unveil,
A whole new me.

We will see more than hurricanes and typhoons moving at lightning speed as Mars meets Lilith in Aquarius square Uranus.  All we can say is that these times have been foretold in previous Pele reports going back months.  As astrology enthusiasts, we knew that this year was “designed” for “Alchemical Transformation Through Death and Resurrection,” the title I gave it last year.  It is time now to reveal to the world the transfigured / transformed Self!

It is like the launching of newly built ship into the sea of consciousness. Do we have leaks? Are we strong? Ready to sail? The storms of life will test our craftsmanship. If our purpose is clear, our conscience is clear, our will aligned, then our path will be clear.  We will stand as leaders, healers, and teachers amidst the throes.  If not, perhaps these revolutionary changes will serve to catapult us on a new trajectory… so stay open for the signs and signals.  We could miss them if we are hiding under the bed! haha!
Here is the Sabian Symbol for the Mars/Lilith conjunction at 2 degrees Aquarius:
  • Keynote:The need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises.

An interesting connection can be made between the symbols for Taurus 1 and 2 degrees (see below) and those for this degree of Aquarius.  In the first case we deal with energies or activities that can be related to the natural development of the individual.  But here we are primarily concerned with social, collective processes and the function of the individual within them.  The symbol itself could be given a very positive meaning in an arid environment, but the emphasis on “unexpected” tends to accent the sudden and dangerous character of the event.  Such a thunderstorm in a region of dry hills can cause a devastating flood!  At any rate, it refers to an event for which one is not prepared – a menace to men’s work.

Here is the Sabian Symbol for Uranus at 2 degrees Taurus exactly square Lilith/Mars Sunday (all week):
  • Keynote:  The cosmic power to transform all the implications of natural existence.

Behind every natural self-expression stands not just the tremendous power of the “Soul-field” itself, but one of the myriad aspects of the Creative Word that is the origin of this universe.  At certain times, this power compels the natural earth conditioned personality to accept, perhaps in awe, the spiritual potentialities of its “higher” celestial destiny. This experience of power can both illumine and shatter. The consciousness may be deeply disturbed by THE VISITATION, but the substance of the individual being can be fecundated by the experience.

May you accept your highest celestial destiny!

Beatles/Revolution! The machine gun notes at the beginning!

So Much Love,

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