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I can sit on the bench and watch the game,
Pointing out all the mistakes,
Or see that I'm here to make the change,
No matter what it takes.


If two eclipses aren't enough, now we have a third! The first in mid August was Brahma, envision the future in order to create it. The second was Sept. 1, Vishnu, gather together the resources, strength and power to create the change. Now we have Shiva, out with the old and bring in the new!

Mercury retrograde for one more week says that we need to look at ourselves and change the old programs we're running in our heads in order to speak from that new, deeper, more powerful Self in order to do it. Mars square the Sun and Venus opposite Uranus say that it's time to boldly go forward into the unknown with faith and a willingness to mess it up in order to straighten it out. Put together, they equal the possibility of a new Self emerging as an extension of the creative source, not so much ego, but as an agent of Life herself. Let's make it happen together!

22 thoughts on “September 14, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you Kaypacha!!!!!! Again and again I find you as my support, friend, guiding and envigorating the cosmic flow… As she blows… The ONLY consistency I e found organic is my evening WEDNESDAY listening… Blessings,

  2. Your reports have been spot on! Loved the astrological graphic you used two weeks ago, you really brought clarity in how everything lines up from different visual perspectives, thank you for sharing! Love; what you shared and wrote this time, and the new music on the video (thank you Scott Huckaby for your beautiful creation)! Thank you for sharing the nature around you! See the truth, which perspective~?! … Whew, what a ride; up, down and around the rabbit hole, then doing it all over again, except each time from a different perspective! You state: Ask for help… How about finding a lawyer, who is actually interested in “truly helping” you, rather than exploiting your weaknesses for their personal gain~! Nothing worse than asking for help to navigate land mines and instead these folks are more interested in creating more mines, so they can make more money off of you, if you hit one~! Frontiers, places not ventured previously… Where it will lead? Who knows~! However, learning where I’m willing to play and won’t play~! Either we both win, or I don’t play, hence looking for someone who will actually help “me! Again, thank you for sharing… So much love and namaste!

  3. Kaypacha you are such a lovely guide, such a kind-hearted man, such an amazing astrology teacher* , such an authentic creature!
    Thanks for being you.

    Helga (Belgium)

    *since march I am listening and looking the Pele-report and I already understand more and more! Woaw!

  4. “On a mission from God.” I had to watch a bit of the Blues Brothers mission and add that to my personal mission to see the a.o.k. of it. Sometimes I can’t sit still for change and it can be a Libra thing…balancing ALL the nonsense going on, but clearly, Now, I see, I’m on a mission from God. Namaste.

  5. This time I felt so touched in my heart, I really felt like you were talking directly to me,
    so here I am, steping out of my nest, taking the first real step to say:
    Thank you for the clarety, the beauty, the fun and so much love…HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  6. Your reports are keeping me sane in these toxic times. Many many thanks! I do miss the old theme music though, which was such a perfect fit …

  7. I love you! I’ve so enjoyed watching you “grow” over the years and just how bang on your messages are every week! Thanks for keeping us in touch with the stars in a grounding way! My 19 year old son and I have been tuning in especially this last month as he has been coming through his Rite of Passage.

  8. Kaypacha at your best! Thank you so much for these illuminated words, bringing into clarity these unfoldings, for so many of us. It is astonishing to witness as well your own transformations throughout the season, bearing witness on foreground of the times we are in. With so much gratitude for your Service and Light.

  9. Hi, I love your reports, they always make me smile and give me a huge relief at what’s going on is not all in my head! Always spot on.. I’ve been trying to contact you to come to Maui, how can I get in touch with you?? Thanks Ella

  10. Oh yeah! It’s All in Love!
    Blessings! Such an Honor
    Listened to a recording of you to me since two years. It all blends in.
    Past, Present, Future.
    Enjoy! Thank you for showing us how we are all ways aligned and can FEEL it All and bring out the Best, along the Way. So Much Love

  11. It has been a tough hard road for me from November until now. Still a little now but it has been and amazing challenge. I have truly understanding the importance of these changes and I am trying so hard to break through the old terrible patterns and get to the other side. It has been so powerful seeing all my weaknesses and strengths that have gotten so mixed up in all this whirling mess. I have decided to strive to go forward straight into this target that I have set up in my mind and push past all the negative stuff that keeps trying to pop into my path and bring me down. I center my thought s into going straight to it with love in my heart and pure intentions. I do not think I have ever been so challenged ever in my life as I have been for the past several months. I believe in the higher source and the changes that are occurring that they will change so much it will be a changing a pattern that has been in my family from many past generations. Please give me the strength and awareness I need to follow through with a calm heart. May everyone find the nurturing they need during this time. Hang in their everyone.

    • Petersen, your words could be word by word mine! I have been struggling in the same way in this period since last October, I have so similar thoughts and feelings! I feel with you and wish you and everybody much strengths and faith in these extremely challenging times. May we succeed in letting go of past patterns, transform them into something peaceful and nourishing, in peace…Your words really touched me. I am anxious to receive the report for this week. Much love.

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