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September 15, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I see more clearly everyday,
What freedom truly is.
My body is my temple,
Not a petri dish.

Hola Free Radicals (I hope)!

Oh, I’ve gone and done it now! I left the beautiful garden/river/ecovillage in Costa Rica and popped up to California for a spell. Whoa! With Uranus on the Ascendant of the USA birth chart, it is a country that expresses and will lead the way into the future no matter how dire, cold, inhuman, artificial, or not intelligent that may be. Tapping into the collective unconscious of this place is a downright scary yet necessary ordeal. During these final days of the Sun passing through Virgo with the full Pisces Moon on the way, it is time to shine some light into the darkness, illuminating that which may otherwise fester without it. I’m finding it too difficult to contain my disdain for the turn of events these days, and I will be pursuing a straightforward astrological commentary that illuminates the nefarious plans and potential outcomes of those in positions of power over others. Stay tuned for “Kaypacha Unplugged!”

We will be witnessing the dam cracking with more and more information “leaking,” along with desperate attempts to stop these leaks, giving the population the necessary factual data to make healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones. Yes, we are in a crisis, a Chironic healing crisis, and this crisis will serve us in the long run, and if not us, our children, and their children. So many thought the lessons learned from WWI would prevent such a thing from ever happening again, yet here we are headed straight toward, if not already in, a totalitarian state. Will we allow/accept this state is the question each of us will need to answer. The stars impel, they do not compel. Hence our freewill will determine what we make of the occult/hidden agendas revealed by star wisdom.

For now and in the future, one thing is clear: Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe. As we love, accept, acknowledge, and foster the value, quality, and genius of each and every human being we encounter, we can only be led to embrace, educate, serve, uplift, and offer assistance when and where we are able. Through such acts of kindness, however small they may seem, we strengthen the bonds of community and open each other to the spiritual realities beyond and woven into the fabric of our experience. This materialistic attempt to rob humanity of its soul nature is doomed to ultimate failure, yet we must remain vigilant to decrease the casualties. It all begins at home within, so please maintain your practice and shine your light!

I see more clearly everyday,
What freedom truly is.
My body is my temple,
Not a petri dish.

This is a good week for critical thinking! Critical thinking can lead to making critical choices. Critical choices around what relationships are feeding us, and what relationships are no longer assisting us on our evolutionary journey. This is a week probably best described as “get the house in order, company is coming!” The house can be our physical house, our physical body, our emotional body, and our mental body/thoughts.

And of course, as the mantra reflects, we may also need to make a critical choice regarding our health. As always, the best choice is the natural choice, in alignment with natural law. Nature is healthy, spending time in nature, eating and drinking organic, natural foods and drinks, getting some natural exercise, and thinking about how to best live a natural life while taking steps to do it! May you have a wonderful, natural week!

One last note is that I am also posting links for those who have taken alien elements into their bodies and wish to reduce their numbers and adverse side effects, re-purifying their systems. Please check them out under the Resources tab and stay tuned for more as I am constantly receiving new health protocols and putting them up!

This week’s song is Wake Up!

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So Much Love,


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