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September 16th, 2020
Astrology Forecast

September 16th, 2020
Astrology Forecast



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I am constantly meeting myself,
And my changing needs as I grow.
If I’m not honest and willing to admit,
My truth I will never know.



We are constantly meeting ourselves,
And our changing needs as we grow.
If we’re not honest and willing to admit,
The truth we will never know.



As I produce the Pele Report primarily for personal soul growth, I suggest using/repeating the first mantra to yourself through the week to help stay centered in, and express your truth in any given situation. “The Truth Shall Set You Free,” is what I’m repeating to myself over and over, and what comes up sometimes is that it’s hard for me to always know what’s real these days! Hence, the video at the beginning and end of the report, which I filmed while taking a boat through “The Gate to Hades” in Greece.

These days are much like we are digging/mining for the “gold” way down deep, and we have to keep searching and exploring layer after layer after layer to get to the bottom of things/Self, eh?! Retrograde Mars is symbolic of this turning the sword inward and slicing through all our own personal illusions/delusions and past actions that brought us to this point. 

So interesting how the outside world mirrors our internal process (at least for me). We’ll all be re-hashing and hearing more about the same issues as more and more “truths” are revealed over the next couple months, and hopefully, each of us can come to new revelations about who we are, what we’re made of, capable of, ready for, and what we’re not.

This is hard work, but the payoff of knowledge resulting from this process will help make the decisions and new commitments with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December.

Come Together – The Beatles

So Much Love,


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