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As the old order dissolves into chaos,
A prerequisite for the new birth,
I see Spirit's intentional restructuring,
As a footprint on Mother earth.

Let's recall that the Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of initiation and view this time period as just that. Though the Sun will shortly move into Libra, the tone for this coming month has in some ways already been set by the new Moon at 27 Virgo and the Eclipse last month in Leo setting a 6 month vibration forward.

Initiation has always been a right of passage, testing the initiate as to his/her purpose, strength, determination and understanding. They involve the creation of intense experiences designed to bring up core issues that require new and deeper sources of power and love to surmount. These are times of initiation.

As I mention in the video, this time period is also a bit of a foreshadowing of 2018 and beyond. The upside to these initiations is that they are just that! It is also a time where Spirit is close, potent, and visible in It's effects. The footprint is testimony to existence that the creature is real, was present, and is moving. May you use these current life experiences to understand the workings of Great Mystery in a personal and real sense.. Injoy!

19 thoughts on “September 21, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Yes,…I totally hear you. So powerful and to the point. My life has been completely turned inside out and upside down. But “knowing that truth” and why it’s all happening takes all the fear away. Thanks for sharing your insides every week. Namaste, so much love!

  2. Thank you for speaking to my essence. You and they or let s say you guys 😉 really got through to me! I am touched. Machu Picchu is intens! What an inspiration! 🙏

  3. Wow, Kaypacha.
    The combination of your facial hair and intense eyes has taken your powerful message to a whole new level.
    I’ll have to listen to that Pele report again, and again…..
    Namaste, Aloha, So Much Love.

  4. Aloha and Mahalo Kaypacha!!
    On this weeks report, after you say we’re a small speck, etc. at 6.29, a hummingbird buzzes you!!
    Just wanted to mention this, in case you hadn’t seen it .

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  6. Thank you for sharing part of your adventure in Machu Picchu, and your report! As long as we are “seeking” we’re not opening to Being and “listening”… It is in the silence, wisdom’s voice arises within us, then awakens us to our real and true Selves… See sameness, and duality vanishes like a coin that has two sides (it’s still “a” coin!)… Nature’s destruction creates unity… When your neighbor is suffering as you are, do you care about their; color, party affiliations, sexual orientations, etc.? No… For when others suffer as we do, without; shelter, food, water, clothing, etc. we are one with one another traversing the same journey… Blessed be those who are suffering, for they remind us what is really important and real! May we be guided to rebuild in such a way that unifies and unites us “with” Nature and one another, rather than imagining by any stretch of the imagination, we could conquer either Nature or the other~! Thanks again… Namaste…

  7. many thanks for the heads up on life, I have seen and continue to see and feel tons of gut feelings. life is a billion begginings. I talk to my spirit guides everyday, and they amaze me with their responses. thank you.

  8. yes Kaypacha such very intense time right now, thanks for your insight and creating more understanding of the great mystery.Love the rabbit hole story, gives me courage to climb out and keep going. I so look forward to this weekly report. If you’d worn a pirate hat today, you would be Johnny Depp loads of love

  9. And I repeat you : wowww!! This messeage had a deap and profund meaning. Thanks for helping us decoding the signs and listen to the
    Spirit talking each one of as. May the magic of great source guide the way. Thks, namaste❤️

  10. My goodness my goodness …. I will have to go back and listen to this again because I got so transported by the intense spirits and energies of this amazing place that your specific words became like the water rushing over the rocks. I just got carried along.

    Thank you, Kaypacha – so wonderful to let us join you as you surf the energies!
    Thank you, Machu Pichu.
    Thank you, Mystery!

  11. I feel hopeful after watching this. Times are intense. I went through the dark night of the soul in 2015/2016, lost my identity and then found a new direction. So this Pele report really resonated with me. When it does seem like chaos all around us it is good to be reminded of the broader spiritual perspective – it’s going to be okay. Thank yoU!

  12. This is easily one of the greatest Pele Reports I have ever seen. Wow, man. The ancient Shamans of that land were speaking along side you here. I don’t know if you noticed, but a humming bird appears briefly over your head after you say “Huge Universe” around 6:30. Amazing! Also, that beard is looking awesome! I hope you keep it!

    I have been feeling this chaotic energy all summer, if not all year. I recently made a big transition to living in a new state and city with my girlfriend. I have been experiencing shadows of the past bubbling up to the surface to be examined. Old fears, phobias, thought patterns from long ago have returned and I have been trying to figure out why. My obsessive south node Virgo, Scorpio Moon, and 8th house mercury energy of searching for reasons. Your description of this being a time of initiation really resonates with me. I do feel that spirit is helping me by revealing these old wounds again so that I can finally work through them with honesty and humility. I feel that I am getting closer to healing these old wounds.

    These are times of great transformation and as the old world crumbles, both the inner and outer, a new world rises from the ashes. May we all be transformed and become the shamanic healers this world so desperatly needs.

    Namaste, Aloha, and so much love to you, my friend


  13. Things fly/fall apart! And then we learn there’s a schedule and order to the whole dissolving. Fear dissipates, faith in the unseen arises and we are empowered as witnesses. Given sign, seal and mantra. Thank you, Greybearded One!

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