When making important decisions,
I need to still my mind,
By breathing long, and slow, and deep,
And surrendering to the Divine.

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And that is just the way it is on our beautiful blue planet these days! There is a lot going on that can pull us off center, confuse us and just get us pissed. This is happening both collectively and personally, and is all part of a divine test. It could be enough to make you want to shake your fist at "god/dess" with a great big "Cut it out!"

However, these conditions can also serve us and our evolution by "separating the men from the boys," so to speak. Just what are you made of? How devoted, determined, persevering, loving, and forgiving are you REALLY? Are you walking your talk? This is a time when GREAT actions can be taken that change the course of history (maybe to herstory?). We can say that history is being made and it is just a question of by who and how consciously they are trying to create from peace, love, and harmony, or how much they are reacting and acting out of past fears, beliefs, conditions, and unconscious programming. Time will certainly tell. Let's be the change. Injoy!

26 thoughts on “September 30, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Mahalo nui loa ! ! AGAIN – so super helpful – your clearness, conciseness & ‘bringing it home’ to everyday living.

    Especially powerful for me as I face a court tomorrow morning for which I’ve been framed & an atty. that hasn’t really “gone to bat” for me!

    You are appreciated beyond comprehension !

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your insights, validate what I know I have been going through, and discussing solutions that can assist me during these challenging times in a healthy positive way. Sending you oceans of blessings and light 🙂 ~ Jackie

  3. Hi Tom,
    Usually I enjoy your astrological reports, but in this one something struck me as being definitely political. You mentioned the refugee crisis in Europe and how as a result of this Europeans will have to rethink their religious beliefs, or maybe stubbornly hold on to their “old ways”. Well, if I may be so bold, Islam is not exactly a religion I need or want to look into, as it is batantly obvious that first of all they are not very tolerant of other religions and secondly we just need to look at the way they treat their women to realize that this is not something we want to integrate in our way of life. Most of these “refugees” aren’t refugees at all, but economic migrants from Somalia to Pakistan, with a minority coming from war torn Syria (a war that started 4 years ago, so why now anyway?). Most (80%) are male in the 15-35 age group with an Islamic background with little respect towards women. This is already causing big problems both in asylum centers (forced prostitution, rape) and in the (immediate) surroundings for the native population (rape of (young) women, who “were asking for it”). This is not my idea of coming to new insights or whatever you want to call it. If this is what we have to look forward to, I rather hang on to my “old ways”. Sorry to be such a party pooper. Joe
    Here’s an alternative explanation for all this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHFnvFbThDE
    May be not the best source, but in this case probably true; https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6527/migrants-rape-germany

    • As always, Tom was being wise and tolerant, and it was a pleasure to watch and listen to the Pele Report !
      I could write a long note against Joes accusations here, but I don`t think this is the forum for a political discussion,
      It is easy to fall into the trap , that we think other people and religions are worse than we are. We ourself have the worst history of non-tolerant christian crusaders that we are not proud of here in Europe, we left our homes and went to America to get a better life ( not to compare with the refugees from terrible wars that Tom is talking about here) , and thats ok, but we killed the indians because we thought they were bad unchristian people and did not respect their culture, brought slaves from Africa …………..let`s change this simple way of thinking and move on in to the new paradigm were we respect other people and do not jugde other religions and cultures. We need more tolerance and understanding in our world. Thats the only way we can live peacefully together. Namaste

      • Dear Pisces, Interesting and disturbing how you talk about all „we“ did to peoples all over the globe. Let me tell you a little story. Do you know anything about Ireland (yes, white people) and its history. For EIGHT CENTURIES Ireland has been ruined by the British, its culture destroyed, its language almost extinguished and its people genocided by famines, wars and sold into slavery in the Carribean and so on. I’m from Irish descent; does this mean I resent every British person just because „the British“ did this to my ancestors? No, of course not, I realize they have been duped by a system and an elite to almost the same extent as my ancestors. Is there such a thing as exclusive white guilt for all the ills plaging the world? What a lot of baloney! How about the tens of millions that died during the cultural revolution in China in the 1970’s or the tens of millions that perished during the red terror in the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. Are we responsible for that somehow too? Do you have any idea how poorly people are treated by their own elites all over the world in non-western countries. Slavery still exists in Africa and Asia; are we responsible for that too? Ask yourself how many refugees the Gulfstates that in varying degrees are financing the „rebels“ in Syria are taking in any; ZERO. But somehow on the white people in Europe falls the brunt of this crisis. Why is that? Don’t get me wrong, genuine refugees should be helped. Economic migrants (most of them) that are simply taking advantage of the situation should be returned from where they came from. Yes I have to admit at some point I too fell for this white guilt propaganda emanating from Hollywood. Not anymore. Unburden yourself from guilt over atrocities committed by (white) people you had nothing to do with; your own karma is more than enough to deal with. The „elites certainly“ love for you to think that way, as it is serving their sinister agenda. Joe
        “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” Jim Morrison
        “All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”
        Friedrich Nietzsche

        • Dear Joe, sorry you misunderstood me ! I am not thinking of “we” as a group and “them” as another group. We are all human beeings and in this “spaceship earth ” together, Sadly humans are capable of horrible things, as we see in all times and different cultures, I agree with you there, and I also agree that feeling guilt does not solve any problems, but we humans should learn from all “our” mistakes before we destroy our planet, and then we all have to take responsibility , stop fighting and start pulling together for a better world. In lakesh

          • Dear Pisces, Amen to that! Now if only we get these “elites” on board, it would make things a heck of a lot easier….

        • Dear Beautiful Joe,

          WOW, Yes, absolutely!
          Your ability to Divine with such accuracy in a shared awareness of existential TRUTH, is such a Amazing gift, it’s voice requires loving your Enemy in Mastery to Elevating the whole.
          Which you NO DOUBT can Do in spades, over and over again like a love Bomb ! !
          I visualize you rotating the magnetics of this party, and expanding it, tipping it on end, rotating like Uranus, while Receiving Love from Venus’s rotation too. (clearly a Reason you are here)!
          You are lightening ! 🙂

          Infinite smiles ~* ~ In Lak’ech

      • I’m pretty sure ‘we’ the people killed indians (native americans) so ‘we’ could TAKE what we wanted , such LAND< GOLD and (now) oil.

  4. I am so thankful for you!!!I am not only weekly encouraged but I am inspired as to how important it is to fallow the gift path and bring offering to our earth school..~~*~~

  5. This is a powerful one for me, Kaypacha. We’ve never met, but I saw you briefly on the dance floor at Envision 2015. I have followed your astrology for a long time and including the Yogi Bhajan breathing exercises is something I really needed right now. Keep up the excellent, free-spirited and loving broadcasts please. This is so important…

  6. I love all the Pele Reports and really appreciate your consistency and dedication. Such a wonderful gift each week!
    This report in particular was great. I loved the cultural interpretations! And have now shared it with my mother, who asks me all the time what’s going on astrologically. When I relayed what you said this week, she said, “I have to listen to that!” She’s 82! Thank you so much for all that you do for this community!

  7. Thank you so very much!! Your report is a true highlight each week & warms my heart. Always so spot on. Am a big fan of the alternate nostril breathing. It instills such a deep state of calm. Namaste

  8. Hi Kaypacha, thank you for your weekly wisdom! After watching your Pele reports for the past year now, I’ve finally been inspired to start learning astrology on my own. I’m wondering if you could recommend a beginner’s book for aspiring astrologers?
    It’d be much appreciated! Aloha!

  9. ? Wu Wei ? ! maybe I forgot to wax my board. 🙂
    Any surfer can get caught off guard by weather modification,
    (Perhaps another reason to know of upcoming transits in the weather) !
    Hone that long board with greatest vibrational surface area into a single point, defy gravity, compress and curve space. ? 🙂 yeah.
    Holy Big Surfing ! …. Wu Wei !…. 🙂
    Believe that Surf board, yeah! Relax into the Divine Root Core… !
    Accept the wave tests, as just minor.
    Faith is that everybody will come out of this 9 month cycle in Maverick wave alignments, respecting their magnitude as humble seasoned Kahunas ! 🙂
    This long board will have three interchanging goddess fins (as needed) with a toe canted.
    Practise holding death breath, relaxed to dive under, lifeless ‘hold rolls’ in the ocean.
    When and if the really ‘Big tight’ relentless Maverick’s come, mastery will determine which truly relaxed Kahunas, honed flexible board, can behave opportunity, riding gleefully into the big waves, majestic pipelines and garner when not to. 🙂
    ((Practise, No Extra Drag Insurance: Wax on, Wax off(haha)).

    Hang Ten All ! ~ WooHoo ! 🙂
    ~ Oh, if blinded by momentary super light refracted, (if sunglasses, took a dunk) ~ Close Your Eyes ~ Trust Wu Wei !
    See you all in the Elevated Surf ~ For certain many Sages, Sentients and Dolphins are there to guide, All of us ! 🙂
    infinite Smiles ~ Mahalo ~ In Lak’ech

  10. Wow. I watched this to feel better, but felt worse up until you talked about being the light. Oh, yes indeed! It’s always good to remind one another why we’re here in the midst of it all. Thank you for your honesty, your wisdom, your insights, your humor, and your sweet cat in the background. I hope next week there is a little glimpse of light from the heavens…as it is a reflection of ourselves and vice versa. Thanks!

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