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September 22, 2021
Astrology Forecast

September 22, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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There is an attack now taking place,
On the entire human race,
If I ignore, avoid or deny it,
I will live and die in disgrace.

Hola New Paradigm Spiritual Warriors!

Those who know me know that I seek love, light, and unity and have always sought to share ways to find it. I do not seek division or wish to create an “us versus them” environment or mentality. Yet, as I mention in this week’s Pele Report, I am a parent, and I have been a school teacher, and I know that when it comes to educating our fellow human beings regarding a matter of great urgency, the truth must be spoken straight, strong, and clear. Therefore, I would not have shared as I did in this report if I was not thoroughly convinced of the fact that:

1. This virus has been purposely engineered as a bioweapon to be used against humanity.

2. The mRNA EXPERIMENTAL vaccines are dangerous DNA modifying, immune system compromising, and potentially sterilizing chemical compounds that push the virus to mutate into more harmful variants and spread it rather than functioning as any kind of cure whatsoever.

3. A massive corporate/government coverup/propaganda/totalitarianism agenda is being carried out even as you read this. 

4. That the loss of liberty and life will continue to increase unless steps are taken to resist this agenda, educate others, and restore balance and justice to our planet.

5. That we are the ones who incarnated to do this.

6. That now is the time that this needs to happen.

The astrology for the remainder of this year and 2022 clearly illuminates both the dangers and the potential growth/evolution that is possible as we navigate through this wormhole and emerge from the transhumanism matrix being thrust upon us. Make no mistake, the situation is serious and requires our immediate, focused attention and will to remedy.

The steps that need to be taken begin with self-care. Below are Dr. Zelenko’s protocols for preventing yourself from getting the virus and curing the virus quickly and efficiently if you do get it. Best to keep some of the remedies listed there on hand. If you have not taken the kill shot yet, don’t. If you have taken it, I have put a link below to help you heal as much as possible before it does further damage to your health. 

Third, inform others of the danger in the hope of sparing them a bleak future. Please mark my words that the truth will prevail and that more of the truth will be revealed through time. We are at the very beginning stages of a long-term, engineered, worldwide health crisis, the likes of which have never been seen with side effects that will be affecting our lives and the lives of those we love for generations to come.

This is not meant to instill any more fear in anyone than it would be to say, “Get out of the street. There is a car coming.” In this case, astrology is our alarm clock telling us it is time to wake up and go to work. Forewarned is forearmed. Courage is not an absence of fear, it is taking action in spite of it. This is the evolution offered by Chiron in Aries. Let’s take advantage of it as an opportunity to experience our own and other’s immense creative power.

One creative act we’ve done at New Paradigm Astrology is to make some awesome T-shirts (and other gifts) to help sound the alarm and spread the word! Thanks to America Saenz for designing some awesome stuff! Check it out HERE!

I’m leaving Saturday for Spain (please send love and light that I make it unscathed!) and points beyond to spread the wisdom of the stars in person, as far and wide as possible! There’s one spot left in the relationship workshop in Ibiza if you can make it! Check it out HERE!

I am offering two workshops in Dubai and more in-depth material than I have ever shared in one location before. It will be a powerful two-week immersion into yourself, your soul, your life, and your future… Join us!

There is an attack now taking place,
On the entire human race,
If I ignore, avoid or deny it,
I will live and die in disgrace.

Welcome to Libra the Scales! The mighty Sun is joining the warrior Mars in the sign of justice, law, equality, and diplomatic communication. Creating a grand trine with Saturn and the north node of the Moon, these planetary energies can assist us all in stepping up, stepping out, and speaking against medical and social injustices being pushed upon us. 

As I mention in the report, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but depending on the actions taken and/or the amount of inaction (action not taken) through the remainder of this year, 2022 will be presenting humanity with differing results ranging from regaining control of our lives to further catastrophes. It really is up to us. The results of continuing investigations into the “proprietary” (undisclosed) ingredients of the experimental injections reveal their ineffectiveness and that they are dangerous. 

Therefore, I strongly encourage you NOT to follow the dictates of the individuals, governments, and institutions primarily owned and controlled by those who do not have your health or best interests at heart. Below are links to help you build your immune system to not fall prey to the engineered “danger,” protocols to simply and quickly heal if you do, and a protocol to assist you if you have fallen prey to the “powers that be.” 

First of all, this week’s song is “All Along the Watchtower.” Let’s all keep vigilant watch!

First, Dr. Zelenko provides both a prophylaxis (preventive) protocol and a treatment protocol here.

Secondly, Gary Null has researched and put together a protocol to help you recover from the experiment. This is an excellent protocol to follow whether you have experienced symptoms yet or not.


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So Much Love,


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