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September 23rd, 2020
Astrology Forecast

September 23rd, 2020
Astrology Forecast

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Some say don’t go in or out,
That this is all there is,
But beyond the curtain of everyday life,
Lies a world of infinite bliss.

The play of light and dark has eternally created a rainbow of color and experience. The seed/egg germinates or is fertilized in darkness, where it first breaks open. The light, power, and spirit energy needs to build up within to expand the organism. It grows and pushes and makes its way toward the light. As I mentioned in the report, we will be surrounded by more and more darkness, where our inner light and strength will be needed, as Jupiter closes in on Pluto and finally Saturn by December 21.

So, where do we find this strength, light, and power? Not so much outside ourselves in worldly things, people, events, or success. We take the journey inward. We grow inwardly, sensing ourselves and the subtle worlds of spirit. We draw on the invisible, intangible, mystical realms that weave the fabric of our physical reality. As we open our hearts, minds, and senses to the spirit realms, we are nourished, comforted, and strengthened. With greater awareness and ease, we will then re-enter this everyday world, ready to manifest the dreams we’ve been given.

This week’s song: Perpetual Change by Yes!
Opening artwork by Fulton Hobbs – Check out his stuff! Thanks, Fulton!

So Much Love,

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