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In my vision of perfection,
I now need to include,
Not only me, I, or we,
But all creation too.

End of illusion and profound revelation is what we're talkin' about these days. And that can be pretty disruptive and unsettling (even turn your world upside down), and/or massively liberating! This depends on how much in alignment with your personal truth you are. If you are off base and have been hiding or denying, then things may blow up in your face. If you have been awakening and doing "the work," your rocket may just take off! And for most people it will be a mixture of both.... some aspects of your life will blow up and other aspects will be surprisingly great!

In the report, I did go into the house position of the Uranus/Jupiter opposition, and for those who are interested (and haven't done so already!) you can calculate your chart at for free. All you need is your time, date and place of birth. When you do so, you will see which houses the opposition falls in. I don't know if you knew or not but I do these Pele reports just to lure everybody into doing their charts and becoming their own astrologers. There is so much more to this, it will blow your mind.... check it out!

7 thoughts on “September 27, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

    • Dear Keypacha,

      After today’s report I decided to write to you, after two years of watching The Pele Report every week.

      Last August I Also went to Machu Picchu. It was a magical, intense journey. And I Felt a deep connection towards this Sacred Land of Pachamama.

      I came back to my ordinary busy life here in São Paulo, Brazil, bit Machu Picchu came with me, together with this feeling of cosmic connection.

      As weeks went by, I artes asking myself was not this an Illusion of my mind and I started feeling adrift and lonely again , loosing what I call the crystal connection ( sounds Crazy, I know…).

      Then, How surprising It was to see you at Machu Picchu! I felt part of the New Paradigm Community at once!! You spoke words that tatally matched my intuitive Heart and soul, centering myself back again. No, Carmen, you até not alone! There i s something going on and you até not alone. Keep walking. . It was one of those sincronic moments Jung talked about.

      I Just wanted to thank you for being out there, my friend, crying out some deeper cosmic truths and bringing Light to my Sacred Path somehow. Yes, Keypacha, you are a dear friend to me. Thank you for the Free Pele Report. Malu Cód and the Goddess bless you , family and the New Paradigm community.

      Namaste, aloha, so much love,
      Carmen Maria

  1. Thankyou from Australia! I eagerly wait your reports and the have offered me much guidance this year as I have gone through major life changes much gratitude!

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