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September 29, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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My power to stand, ask for, and be,
What I want has been wounded through time.
The sooner I honor and speak my truth,
The sooner I’ll get what is mine.

Hola Wounded Warriors!
Haha! I propose that even if you don’t have Chiron in Aries, aspecting Mars, or in the first house, if you exist on planet earth right now, you are in some way dealing with an “inner wounded warrior.” This is simply due to the fact that we have reincarnated many times through the last thousands of years of patriarchy. The understanding, modeling, teachings, and integration of the yang, masculine principle is a work still in progress within the collective conscious and unconscious of which we are a part. With Chiron in Aries (which is what I discuss in this week’s Pele Report) for 8 years or so, all this masculine healing (for men, women, and others) is/needs to take place.

What I didn’t get into so much in the report itself is just how to heal these wounds. While there are as many different wounds and methods of working with/healing those wounds as there are people on the planet, there are some common techniques. I feel that all the techniques have a few things in common. First is to acknowledge the wound! We often tend to avoid or deny that we have a wound, try to hide it, overcompensate for it, and pretend we’re not hurting. This most often results in actual physical/medical crises. In the case of Aries/Mars, these can manifest in the head (Aries), adrenals, testes, ED, sexual, muscular, and other heat-related disorders/injuries.

Once acknowledged, the second common healing approach is to dive into the wound, investigate it, and seek the roots/sources of the wound. This can be a lifelong research project! Through books, teachings, workshops, therapy, and many conversations, we learn, experience, feel, and process all of the Aries/Martian qualities as they are wanting to express themselves through our charts/lives. This is how the wound is transformed into medicine. You become an expert on all things related to the second and third chakras, Aries, Mars, and the 1st house! You then share your real-life experience with others whenever the issues related to the wound come up. Waalaa! You are a source of light, love, and healing in the world, particularly in the realm of your personal Chiron placement by house, sign, and aspect.

My power to stand, ask for, and be,
What I want has been wounded through time.
The sooner I honor and speak my truth,
The sooner I’ll get what is mine.

Darn! I forgot a point I wanted to make in the report! An interesting note to this theme of self-assertion is that if/when EVERYONE is sovereign and asserting their truth, it is a heck of a lot easier! I always remember the scene in Oliver Twist when the orphan youth goes back up to the cook serving gruel and says, “Please, sir, I want some more!” Well, he gets kicked out of the orphanage as the one and only orphan asking for more.

Self-assertion can upset external authority figures, but it can also disturb those wounded and afraid to assert their own needs and desires. Then our independent warrior can be severely judged, condemned, and executed by his/her own peers! When consciousness, hearts, and socio-cultural-religious norms expand to include all the diverse expressions of what it is to be human, then we shall be liberated to express our needs and desires more freely.

So, in the end, it is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we need to assert ourselves more freely, and on the other, we need to tolerate, accept, and even encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same! Then may we all live in Libra’s peace and harmony. This brings me to the second song for this week. Bob Marley’s “Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.”

Jimmy Cliff “The Harder They Come”
Bob Marley “Three Little Birds”

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