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My life starts out with me playing roles,
Of what others would like me to be.
By stripping away those that aren't true,
I reveal the essential Me.

Some people ask, "When is it going to be a good time?" While the cycles of change point to different times being "good" for different things, I'm going to say that it is "good" when things MOVE FORWARD. And that is what this time can be! It may involve working it through, separating the wheat from the chaff, but that's what harvesting is all about. If we put ourselves to it we can make some real headway these days on projects that it seems, have been on the burner forever! Go for it!

All this Virgo is a good time to say, "not this, not that, I want that and that!" and then rolling up the sleeves and going for it. We've had the eclipse help point out what is true and what needs to go so it is now up to us to instigate the changes called for by Spirit. May you be guided and blessed all along the way!


5 thoughts on “September 6, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. So much thanks been watching the reports all year a good friend turned me on! Super grateful for your time and energy. It always helps.

  2. So good!! Go on and on, please, about trying out those roles and fire helping with stripping away. C’est la vie!! I can be hard-headed.

    p.s. The North Carolina mountains are pretty magucal.

  3. I was wondering if you have any recommendation for people who has been living such circumstances like having difficulties with Sself-expression because they are born in under developed or let’s say not modern countries maybe somewhere in Africa, Turkey or Iran where self expression is banned and censored?
    I think people would have less of these problems if there is something such as ”modern, educated, no taboo” society, unfortunately some are born in difficult circumstances or unfitting families, unfitting countries which is limiting their self expression and growth.
    So to sum up was wondering if you have recommendation for stripping away for these difficulties besides immigration?
    Wish we all owned a world passport without any visa difficulties since we are all equals sistas and brothers 🙂

    Always love how you end it! So much love, namaste. Aloha!

  4. Would like to add one more thing as a usual habit of mine.
    it’s kinda easy to talk like that when you live in America or some place with banana trees 🙂 so much love!
    Aloha my dear xx

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