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September 8, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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Relationship is the garden,
Where love is planted and grows,
It both takes and gives the water of life,
And tells the truth I need to know.

Hola Gardeners!

As the earth is now orbiting just between the Sun and Neptune, we will surely experience mysterious shifts, changes, and challenges. Neptune shows us our illusions (collective and personal), which is beneficial in the long run but can be painful in the short term. In some ways, the same is true as we pass midway between Chiron, our wounded healer, and Mercury, the messenger. While our deepest truths may be known/felt and come to light, sometimes the truth can hurt. So it does look like the final week of the Sun moving through the healing sign of Virgo is about scrubbing out those wounds on not only the physical but the emotional, mental, and soul level too.

During these times, it’s our loving relationships that serve us up some support, perhaps with a side dish of “did you know you were wrong about that?” One thing is for sure, there is always room for improvement! What we may need to remember is that we are all human, we all are wounded and challenged, and we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got while hopefully learning life’s lessons.

While we may be able to withdraw, sit back alone, and observe the chaos surrounding us with calm detachment, this may also be us denying or avoiding our work. While you’ll need to reference your birth chart to see where you have been and where your soul wishes to go, in general, it’s very hard to see our own shadow, which makes close relationships the next best thing to a doctor! So hang in there, or reach out there, and dance the dance of life!

Relationship is the garden,
Where love is planted and grows,
It both takes and gives the water of life,
And tells the truth I need to know.

Whew! It feels like I did one of these yesterday. The time is flying by so fast. This morning I lay in bed far too long trying to think up a mantra because it just wasn’t coming. Finally, I got up to do my yoga, and rather than put on my regular chants, I thought I would try something different. I went to Spotify and put on the “428HZ Frequency Healing Meditation Music.” WOW, dropped down into the heart space, let go of the mind (got the image of the mind as the train running over the egg), and truly “felt.” Such a Mercury opposite Chiron (today) experience! 

To stay in that heart space and feel, I knew I had to keep the computer and phone off, slow down (even walking down the stairs slower), and not start thinking ahead to all that needed to get done today. I watched myself and focused on surrender, letting go, and listening to the sounds of nature all around me. I know the world is in crisis, and I don’t wish to avoid or deny it. Yet my own growth and evolution involves developing the discipline necessary to balance the “inner” with the “outer,” living, and paying equal attention to both the “periphery” and the “center.” I don’t know about you, but I can get “out there,” and it’s good to come home. Blessings on your heart and all your relations. In Lak’ech.

1. Thanks, Daniel Watts, for the closing artwork! Check out more of his work on IG!

2. This week’s music selection is “Echoes” Live at Pompei. Secondly, check out Steve Winwood’s “Mr. Fantasy.”

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