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September 9th, 2020 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

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Sometimes it’s good to cry out loud,
And acknowledge all the pain,
Feel my feelings and honor myself,
For trying as hard as I can.

Too funny, I didn’t know it was Children’s Day! In Costa Rica, they have a special day honoring kids, and I just found out now while uploading this report. Yup, well, with the North Node in Gemini (for more than another year), the sign of the puer/puella aeterna, it is helpful to honor our inner child, play, stay curious, and look around.

In the report, I asked the question: What do you do when you try as hard as you can, and it doesn’t work? Isn’t that the story of life? The answer is you DEVELOP. You grow, evolve, and develop new skills, talents, perspectives, beliefs, and invent new ways to accomplish your goals. You get out of the limited conditioning, maybe rebel or revolt, experiment, go alternative, PROGRESS.

Let’s be honest. If we didn’t fail, we might not evolve! The same is true of social / political / religious / educational / law enforcement / healthcare institutions. The road to enlightenment is filled with potholes, breakdowns, overheating, and flat tires. The sides of it are littered with old, rusty, wrecks that couldn’t or wouldn’t get repaired, renewed, and cared for. Which is where we come in… for each other. Maybe you can be a tow truck? Mechanic? Bring extra parts or fuel and pass ’em around? I hope so, ‘cuz on the road ahead I see a tunnel coming with no shoulders or light!

Let’s hook up and make a caravan hitched together so tight that no one gets left behind. Blessings!

Let It Grow – Eric Clapton

So Much Love,

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