Recommended Reading

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of book titles recommended by Kaypacha and others in
New Paradigm Community. Most titles recommended are specifically related to astrology,
but there are some related suggestions as well.

You can find Kaypacha's books HERE.

And anything by the following authors is highly recommended:
Jeffrey Wolf Green
Ari Moshe Wolf
Steven Forrest
Maurice Fernandez

Books by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Books by Stephen Forrest

Books by Jan Spiller

Books by Stephen Arroyo

Books by Maurice Fernandez

Other Recommended Titles available on Amazon

Titles Available Elsewhere

The Astrology of the Black Moon, Laura Walker

Finding Our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change, By Heather Ensworth, Ph.D.
36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans, Austin Coppock
New Mansions for New Men, Dane Rhudyar
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If you have a title you'd like to see added to this list,

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