Venus retrograde 4th march-15 april invites us once again into re-evaluating our values, relationships and self-worth. Join me for a ride through the waters of love

Venus Direct

Venus Retrograde


37 thoughts on “Sol Jonassen – Venus Retrograde

  1. Loved listening to your perspective Sol! I am 3/27/1953…Venus 0 Taurus retro. I have looked at hundreds of charts, and YOU are one of 4 or 5 that are in retro.
    Supposedly I am in my Venus 8 year Synodic return from The last Leo retro..yet I don’t see that…feels more like its coming with this Aries overtone…gets so confusing…where would you recommend to look! I agree with you, it is not so cut and dried..will be an interesting dance between the differences of Pisces and Aries

    • Venus rx sister! “where would you recommend to look!” Are you looking for books or material on the subject? (not sure I got your question 😉 )

      • Thanks Sol…I listened again, and you answered the question about other information. I am studying Venus through Shamanic Astrology with Cayelin Castell and it is interesting…just looking for other perspectives…and it sounds like you haven’t been too impressed with any literature!!

        • ah, yes, no I never felt any of the info out there on the retrogrades made any sense. I still think astrologers fail to see what a retrograde is..But I’ve met both Cayelin and Daniel and I really think their work is awesome. As is Adam Gainsbourg and Gary P Caton’s work. They too work with visual astrology. Check them out!

  2. Love this, Sol! Was totally engaged start to finish – I took notes! Haha!

    Thank you so much.

    “It’s time to stop outsourcing love!” Yesss.

    So Much Love,
    – Admin, New Paradigm

    • hehe… Taking notes..I love that..Well, it is the best way to remember anything..<3

      Thanks! YEs, no more outsourcing love. Enough already!

  3. Sol Jonassen, you are amazing! I love the Venus Rx talk. And you are so charming… really embodied the Venus seduction! Well I am a Sun and Moon in Pisces, with a strong Shiva-like Venus in Aries. I really resonated with your outlook. Looking forward to experiment the period. Congrats! Thank you!

    • We love SHIVA! No bullshit-Shiva! 😀 And now you will have this retrograde across this interesting part of your chart. looks like an intersting spring!

      • Looking forward to this interesting Spring, Sol. I see one big challenge related to the 9th and 10th houses right in front of me. All those Pisces + Aries energies are on these houses, and they are being activated by all these planets. I really want to see what Uranus conjunct my Natal Venus will bring to life, since I have these to in a trine in my natal chart, I might go with the flow and embrace an unpredictable experience… Even though I love men, I am expressing that independent Venus in Aries, big time. Namasté.

    • Thank you for those kind words! Ah, Venus rx in Aqua..What year if I may ask (if you don’t like to share that publicly, I totally understand)

      • I am born on January 11th 1990, Langley bc! I will be posting my chart also on the forum today to inquire about a few things so you can see the full deal there ! Venus rx sits at 2 degrees Aquarius tailing my huge stellium in Capricorn that actually starts with uranus 🙂

  4. Awesome talk Sol!

    I’ve never felt so connected to Venus as I am now. It’s crazy, she’s really talking to me, reassuring me about how much fun and love is coming. It’s profound really. I’ve never experienced this kind of connection to a planet before. It’s very exciting 🙂

    • Yes, Tareck, she is very much alive. This is shamanistic astrology, to move in deeper into the archetypes like we do here with Venus. I am born with Venus retrograde myself, so I am born to meditate on her principles. Will follow up with a video-meditation soon I think! 😀

  5. Thank you, Sol. Very inlightening! I have felt very connected to Venus lately, as she has been glowing so beautifully in the sky this month.

    Good reminder to love ourselves first and foremost. Grounding in this big time, as Neptune will oppose my venus soon and I don’t want to get too swept away.

    • Isn’t she beautiful? Yes, there is a fine balance in relationships to see things through the eyes of others and understand and then, to check with yourself your own boundaries.

  6. Blessings Sol for such a detailed insight into the limitless Venus Retrograde. You touched on so many aspects of Venus which resonated with me………giving birth to a Virgo son in 2015, separating from his father in 2016, re-evaluating boundaries, honouring self love and living 2017 with a grateful and compassionate heart. I have and will continue to meditate on letting go of external validation. Such powerful teachings Sol, needs a few listening sessions to absorb all the love..haha

    • Inanna; it is our eminent house astrologer Maurice Fernandez’ book on Neptune that has been my Neptune bible..I’ve read them all, but this one is rock’n’roll. Maurice is very gifted

  7. Thank you Sol. This is so rich and insightful. I am working to repair my relationship with Venus (my chart ruler) and this will be so helpful and supportive for my going forward. Gratitude, and love 🙂

  8. Thank you Sol <3 This was a very sweet video. It felt very good. It totally calmed me down. <3
    I am new here, and this was my first "introduction" to you. First time I've seen one of your videos.
    Thank you.

    It is also the first time that I learn about the ***beautiful flower*** pattern Venus makes in our map of the sky. Woaw…. how amazing**

    And I understand a little more now what/(who) Venus is about. … (haha I like to say who).

    Thank you.
    _Namasté 🙂

  9. Wonderful message Sol – soo authentic and empowering ! Yes, the 2010 Venus retrograde in Scorpio “hit” me with a karmic relationship that has lead to a lot of skin shedding, broken marriage(s) etc. without it actually materialising as yet… Venus opposing Neptune, Sun square Pluto, Moon conjunct Lillith synastry…You are sooo right …my Pisces Juno has learned self love from my Taurus Venus…the gut feeling tells me though that this Pisces retro will break some walls !!! Thank you and be blessed ! xx

  10. Just watching this, and Venus has been direct for a few days. So powerful in light of my current separation from my husband. I have experienced profound healing within and forgiveness towards him, and yet I know in my heart that our journey as husband and wife is over. It’s like your words reflected back to me the “permission” I’ve been needing to give myself to break free. I’ve been so hard on myself with thoughts like, “If you truly have forgiven him then you should just stay together.” But the wounds, betrayals, and lost trust have led me to a place of self-love where I can honestly say, “I forgive you, AND I no longer want to sacrifice my own desires for deep trust and intimacy with a sacred partner.” Thank you, Sol! I can’t wait to meet you in Costa Rica!

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