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Solar Eclipse/New Moon 10º Taurus April 30, 2022


〰️ Radical Unconditional Self-Love 〰️

Let’s fasten those seatbelts and get ready for the first solar eclipse of 2022, which is conjunct with Uranus! Both Uranus and eclipses, in general, are associated with sudden, unexpected, bizarre, and unusual developments and events. With both of them occurring in conjunction we will hear some “exciting” or “traumatizing” news depending on your attitudes regarding change and individuation. However, as this is happening in the fixed sign of Taurus the Bull, which is probably the sign least wanting change, it will most likely bring some jarring, unsettling, and disturbing news having to do with economic indicators, supply chains, and food. Taurus has to do with self-sufficiency and survival, so, as we’ve known for a long time, the more self-sufficient you are, the better your chances of survival.

People ask, “When is this intensity going to let up? When are things going to get better? When is this madness going to end?” We have been ending several cycles as the Sun and Mercury have already passed through Pisces, Venus will be on May 2nd, Jupiter on May 10th, and Mars on May 24th. Astrology reminds us that there is no end but that every ending is followed by a new beginning. Therefore, not only is this New Moon eclipse the beginning of a new monthly cycle, but we have a whole series of new beginnings occurring throughout the month!

Does this mean that the shit will stop hitting the fan, and we will begin an era of peace, love, and harmony? I am afraid that concerning the general, consensus stage of evolution and the public, that answer has to be no at this time. We can see from recent history that one crisis has followed on the heels of a preceding crisis as far as MSM (Main Stream Media) goes and that the Pluto in Capricorn authorities want it that way.
According to world news (which is not reality), we will remain in perpetual turmoil until everyone is inoculated and has their QR code linking their bank account and all their personal data to the totalitarian world government databank, which will then have total control of the population if I’m not mistaken.

Thank goodness that we are not tied to, dependent upon, or have our moods, mindset, hopes, dreams, and wishes wrapped up in MSM. Instead, we are independent, sovereign soul beings experiencing one of many lives here on earth and have an evolutionary business (dharma and karma) to take care of!
Let’s understand that when we look at our astrological birth charts for the meaning and purpose of our lives, it leads us, as new paradigm astrologers, to matters of the heart, consciousness, intimate personal matters, moral development, discernment, creative self-expression, and a wide range of human experiences to be “grown through” in whatever environment we find ourselves.
We have all evolved through lifetimes where war, famine, plague, drought, slavery, and abuse existed. Yet, many have risen above, worked through, expanded, learned, and strengthened themselves through these trials, while others have succumbed to lesser ends.

Therefore, let us dub this month the month of “Radical (Uranus) Unconditional Self-Love (Taurus).” As humans, I believe this is the biggest challenge we face and that if everyone succeeds at it, all other problems will fade. It is time to come home to ourselves, depend on ourselves, cut codependent relationships, not wait to be saved or rescued and develop the necessary skillset to make the most out of our existence. If that sounds exciting, this will be an exciting, inventive, ingenious month full of self-discovery, innovation, income, and expansion. The more we trust ourselves and our senses, believe in ourselves and our abilities, and act so as to fulfill our wants and needs in cooperation with others, the more success we shall have. If we timidly wait for our needs to be met by external authorities or others, we may well not get our way.

With both Venus and Jupiter transiting Aries and Venus conjuncting Chiron, we are afforded the opportunity to heal past wounds around self-rejection, self-abandonment, and feelings of unworthiness. Let’s remember that it all starts with us, at home. When we can forgive ourselves, we can forgive others. When we have compassion, understanding, and patience for ourselves, then and only then can we have it for others. And only when we let ourselves off the hook, embrace ourselves as we are, and trust ourselves to make the right choices (even after we have made some wrong ones in the past), can we create relationships and a life experience that mirrors that beautiful Self back to us. This is no small task to be completed in a month and considered done, but this month is the time to lay the groundwork, set the goals, start the projects, spend the money, and powerfully push ahead.

We have a wonderful Sun trine Pluto mid-month with Mars entering Aries to join Jupiter by the end of May. Hopefully, you have done your Pisces work of letting go, saying goodbye, and releasing what was holding you back, slowing you down, or not aligning with your new purpose. If so, your engine should be started, and all warmed up and ready to go. If you’ve done your work well, you are one “lean, mean, working machine,” as the saying goes. The race boat, car, bike, plane, or horse is pumped up and ready to charge at the starting gate. For many, this is the time they have been waiting for—the time to break free, break out, and go for it, even if alone.

Make no mistake. I’m not saying this will be a cakewalk, and everyone will get whatever they desire. Some confused daydreamers will still walk around in circles as Mars doesn’t conjunct Neptune until the 17th and doesn’t enter Aries until the 24th. However, this indicates that the more service-oriented, philanthropic, and generous your aims and goals are, the more likely they are to succeed. We are past the point of lone rangers winning the day as the Aquarian future calls us all to resolve our conflicts, unite, and work together toward common goals. Those who can find ways to advance themselves without setting others back will win the day.

If you have been waiting for the dust to settle, the temperature to drop, or some crisis to end before investing your time, energy, or money into yourself and your dream, don’t wait any longer. It’s not going to happen. Instead, know that you are enough, have enough, and am good enough to be blessed, honored, and supported by a benevolent universe that is here to help you fulfill your dreams. Yes, it may take some radical moves, some “hold your breath and jump” moments, but you can do this. In fact, you were born to do this! So, like Zeus, the King of Mount Olympus, holding the torch that had been carried and handed from runner to runner all across Greece to the Olympics, would pronounce from the center of the field: “Let the Games Begin!”

So Much Love,

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