Astrology shows us the motions of life, how it all ebbs and flows, constantly moving, changing, while we are passengers on a spaceship called Earth.

And now, just fresh into 2020, we are facing the first Mercury retrograde period, this time in the signs Pisces-Aquarius, leading us to tapping into our higher mind, our intuitive realm, but also having to fight misunderstanding, projections, confusion and lies.

I covered the theme in my latest blog post, however this passage is so juicy that I found it worth the time to explore deeper the different stages of this particular retrograde phase.

There is one particular video that I would invite you to watch that I also shared in my blog.

I found this so pertinent for the current zeitgeist. What is truth? And how do we get to live a life where we can communicate more authentically without hurting or pushing away. We all want union and we all want to be loved, however sometimes communication, especially in these days with the internet and text messaging, the potential for misunderstanding is great.

And learning to sit with ourselves for a while until clarity arises is also a challenge. Impatience and the urge to get out of discomfort can always spur premature communication.

In this video I explore a bit of the Capricorn stellium and how that plays into the retrograde, as the current Eris square Pluto energy that is causing us to feel deeply into our anger.

Eris is not big on vanity and if people make wrong choices out of fear of others or out of being judged, and this is destroying something in your relationships, then her anger will rise.

So it is quite an energy we are in the midst of. Learning to stand up for yourself in a good and healthy way is the potential here.

Learning to be honest with yourself is the first step. That means accepting the limitations we all have in terms of projections and illusion.

It is time to stand clear and speak without fear.