Sol discusses and provides insights into Saturns ingress into Aquarius.

Dear New Paradigmers.

This is quite a time.

And we have never seen this before, so it is odd indeed. To not know when it will stop. To not know what will be the social consequences of this experience. So many questions are probably going through your head at this time that have no answer. Not yet.

So, we are all asked to wait.

To find faith within.

To trust God, if you believe in a higher consciousness.

To trust love.

And to connect deep within.

That is the option that makes most sense now.

I made a little video about Saturn ingress into Aquarius that came about the 22nd of March and that seeds the time to come.

I hope you are all safe and that you will enjoy this moment of astrology and spirit.

Big love from Norway

Sol W Jonassen