Relationship and Intimacy play a major role in our evolutionary process as human beings. Our astrological birthchart, as a map of our unconscious soul nature, can bring our deep, unconscious needs and desires to our awareness, and function as a vital tool of self-understanding and integration. The more we become aware of, and integrate our unconscious patterns, fears and needs, the less we project them onto our partners creating misunderstandings, conflict, and separation.

Your sexual nature and intimacy needs are intrinsically tied to, and an expression of, your overall soul intention for this life on earth. The approach of New Paradigm Astrology is to balance and unite the masculine and feminine natures within each of us. This implies integrating the upper/lower chakras, the light/dark, positive/negative, spiritual/physical aspects of our Self. Therefore, we will look to the entire horoscope but place an added emphasis on the Moon, Moon’s Nodes, Venus, Mars, Pluto, the Ascendant and the 7th and 8th houses of the chart.

This recorded series will focus on the individual natal horoscope and the elements within it that give us relationship information. Synastry chart analysis is studying the relationship between two people’s charts to explore the soul dynamics present within their relationship. Composite chart analysis is combining two people’s charts into a single relationship chart to explore the soul dynamics that form the history and future intention of the relationship.