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Astrology Talk at Paloma Yoga, April 29 2023


? An Astrological Explanation of the Current Madness
with Kaypacha

Saturday, April 29, 2023 | 7-9 pm
LIVE at Paloma Yoga in Colfax, CA

$25 per person
Online registration is closed. ? Please pay at the door. See you there!

All proceeds will go towards helping support the studio.

Who (besides astrologers ?) would have thought that we would be going through this five years ago? Since the great Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020, we have seen more and faster change than you would think possible. It is a time of great insecurity, frustration, fear, confusion, and confrontation. 

What is it all about? What are the roots of it? Where is it going, and how will it affect you and your loved ones? And, perhaps even more fundamentally, WHY?

Astrology is the oldest art/science on the planet. Through thousands of years of observation and correlation, intuition and meditation, the answers to what’s going on down here on earth have been seen written in the stars. This evening talk will go through the energies that are passing and those that are emerging through cycles upon cycles of evolutionary growth.

Kaypacha will blend his understanding of evolutionary astrology, kundalini yoga, anthroposophy, shamanism, and more, to unravel the complexities of this time. Certainly, the more astrology you know (especially your own chart), the more you will be able to take away from this talk. However, it is designed to make sense whether you do or not, as you will recognize the archetypes at play. Join us!



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