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Sun in Taurus and Venus in Aries: Stand in your power!

We live in a world surrounded by each other and relationships teach us more about ourselves than anything else. Any encounter that wakes up your feelings and touches you will move you into a zone where you experience known complexes and taught behavior. Being liberated from the past is the journey we are all on. Both Taurus and Aries are two signs that are about individuality and autonomy. Right now the time has come to stand in your own power and connect with yourself again, paving the way to a healthy relationship to the world in general.

The past is compulsive. It keeps repeating itself, sometimes locking up your willpower to the extent that you really don’t have a choice. You say yes when you should say no, and no when you should say yes. In this state the intuition is far away. It is reduced to a silent whisper at the back of your mind, while your emotional brain goes into hyperdrive, keeping busy, controlling, analyzing, processing and stressing.

That is when your boundaries have become so entangled with others that you lose a part of yourself. In astrology that describes what often goes on in the sign of Pisces. What is your energy and what is the energy you carry from others? It is a difficult thing to figure out, because we are so used to thinking that everything arises in us. According to material philosophy, the current prevailing paradigm, it must be so. From an atheistic viewpoint, your thoughts cannot hurt another human, your energy cannot enter another being. 

But in Pisces we understand that it is not so. Here our boundaries are blurry. We get caught in the mist and the fog of life. We can get caught in the great ocean of collective emotion. The world situation can greatly affect our capacity to function properly. Our relationships can challenge our willpower and capacity to focus on important matters. There is no ego in Pisces. Thus there is no consciousness about creative will. There is only flow.

And for those of you who kept an eye to the sky lately, you know that we are just coming out of a Mercury retrograde period in Pisces, locking in on Neptune in Pisces and topped off with Venus also moving through the sign of The Fishes. In other words, we’ve had quite a cocktail of Piscean energy to deal with. Confusion, chaos, illusion and doubt are the downsides, the upsides are unconditional love, union, visions, intuition and truth. If you had a tough ride, now there is a welcomed shift.

The Sun ingressed into Taurus (19th of April), Mercury to Aries (17th of April) and this morning Venus came tagging along into Aries.

This combination of planetary juice makes it easier for us to access the North Node in Cancer, and spoken to a non-astrological mind, this is translated as coming back to your own center and to your own power, listening to your feelings again.

Aries is the first sign after Pisces. It is that fire inside of us that says: “Enough is enough”. Clarity comes in flashes, and there is a deep need to move beyond confusion to create action. It is about moving out of the womb of everything. And I think it is so funny that one of the prime movers for atheism on earth today, Richard Dawkins, is Aries with the Moon, Venus and Mercury in Pisces. You should think he would be more “spiritual” and “open-minded”. Well, in his world, he is. He dared to move away from the classic superstitions (which we all should) and gain a new consciousness about life, causing him to write books like “the Selfish Gene” (How Aries of him!)

In an individuating state, this is a classic signature for an atheist, coming out of being held in an old consciousness of dogma and illusion (Pisces) to once again be free from it. (Aries)

Dawkins also have both Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, and materialistic, practical philosophy is generated.

Taurus is all about the physical realm. It is about the body and the senses. And stability. How do we achieve stability in a world of multiple dimensions, with a cornucopia of gods and devils, people’s energy and the energy of life in general? And with all the full moons and Mercury retrogrades and whatever else goes on in the sky? Taurus is the impulse to create a life of harmony and creativity, and if we get lost in others, we lose energy.

Aries is exploring the new path, Taurus takes it to the next level of creating with this potential.

Therefore a lot of people with a strong Taurus signature prefer to be alone, coming back to their own energy and thinking of themselves, creating a life that is in accordance to their own values. If we are around people who have fundamentally different values than us, we can either stick to our own and leave them, or we can end up losing our own values or try to stuff them down the throats of others, trying to change them.

Taurus is related to the development of self-worth. As we are all walking under the same sky, clad in a history of war and abuse, we need to isolate to get away from the collective energy and from other people’s influence on us. Self-worth is the foundation rock inside of anyone. Learning to appreciate yourself is the first step to real love. There is no other way. And for those who are under the influence of Taurus, this is a deep need. It might take a lifetime to figure out. And relationships are only causing trouble until that exploration of personal values is stable. When that happens, relationships can be enjoyed and appreciated, and the Taurus energy will not be so defensive when it comes to opening up and sharing. There is no loss of self anymore. No loss of harmony and of joy. No loss of energy or resources.

So, the signs are clear. This is a great month to worship your own hobbies, talents and your body. Explore your intuition, go into your own energy. Find ways to love yourself no matter how hard it may seem. Find out what exactly it is that you appreciate with life and what creates balance for you. Enjoy your own company and rest. With Venus in Aries it is time to set some boundaries for yourself and thus for others. Do it without fight, without struggle. The less you care, the better off you are. Then it is safe to move with an open heart and with an open mind. Sounds like a paradox? It is. Life truly is a paradox. Enjoy!

Love, Sol

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