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Sunday Get together with Kaypacha!

🕒 Sunday December 27, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET

Happy Holidays New Paradigmers!

We can make it at the usual time. As much as I would like to spread holiday cheer,
I’m feeling quite moved to discuss Trump from his chart, from my perspective,
and look at what is coming up for the US in both the short and long term future.
So it may not be so cheery, but at least we’ll be together!

See you tomorrow at 12pm PST!

So Much Love,

🕒 Sunday December 27, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET

Click here to see the time in your area. We’ll be sending out the recording for those who can’t make it.

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  1. Vered Fishel December 28, 2020 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    hi guys I would like to get the recording of the 27th meeting..
    unfortunately i couldn’t join thank u love vered

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