What Is Happening in the World and for You
A Two-Part Online Workshop with Kaypacha

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Wanna know what’s coming up astrologically in 2024? Join me for this two-day workshop and find out!

In Part One, I give a 2-hour world forecast discussing the political, economic, climate, and health outlook for 2024. In Part Two, I dive deeper for 3 hours with those who would like to apply the transits of the outer planets to their personal charts.

🪐 While it’s helpful to be familiar with astrology to get the most out of these webinars, it’s not a requirement, as I will walk you through everything step by step.

You will have indefinite access to these courses via our online Classroom!

As we all know, things have taken a significant downward turn since Covid and the great Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020. Since then, we have begun a “Great Reset” in more ways than one.

2024 will be a pivotal turning point as Pluto enters Aquarius, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, and Venus joins with Mars in Aquarius.

Besides it being an election year in the US, the WHO, WEF, UN, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, China, and other entities (corporations and banks) have some plans that should make everyone stand up and take notice. We hope you’ll join us for this eye-opening weekend.

We’ve divided this workshop into two parts so those more interested in world events (and not so interested in their personal transits) can just register for Part One. We will go deeper in Part Two with those who want to know more.

Part 1

World Forecast 2024

A general outlook of worldly events.

A general outlook for the entire planet, including what has been building up over the last few years and what lies beyond 2024.

2-hour Webinar
NPA Students get a 20% discount

Part 2

Your Astrology 2024

A personal look at what lies ahead.

Kaypacha looks at the transits of the outer planets (Jupiter out to Pluto) to your personal planets (Moon out to Mars and Ascendant).

These transits illustrate how the larger collective and unconscious forces (outer planets) are activating/affecting your personal life.
Receive personal, mind-blowing insights that will open doors of perception and help you make the best choices!

3-hour Webinar
This class is FREE for NPA Students.

Flow with the new Aquarian energy and make the most of it.

Understand the challenges and evolutionary opportunities of 2024.

Find out the main themes of 2024 and the key astrological dates.

Discover where you will experience expansion and transformation.

Get the most out of 2024 and beyond! 🦋

Your Astrological Guide:

Kaypacha first began the study of astrology over forty years ago. Since then he has explored the synchronistic relationship between the cosmos and both earthly phenomena and our internal human experience of Self/Soul, offering astrology and yoga workshops to thousands on every continent in the world.

His diverse background includes knowledge of evolutionary, shamanic, and Uranian astrology, cosmobiology, and esoteric studies. He has been practicing and teaching kundalini yoga for more than ten years and has combined his knowledge of the Sabian symbols, tarot, meditation, breathwork, and yoga to create his own unique,heart-centered astrological methods for healing and growth.

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