A Tantric Astrology Journey

with Kaypacha & Aldebaran

July 24-30, 2022
Corfu, Greece

There is nothing more powerful than love. Love can raise us to the highest heights, fill our hearts with joy, and expand our horizons more than any other force in the universe.
 In particular, the love that we give and receive in an intimate personal relationship can help heal our wounds on every level and give us keys to self-understanding we can find nowhere else.

This is due to the nature of the unconscious that automatically projects our unintegrated shadow self onto our most intimate others. This phenomenon makes it such that not only may we experience our highest highs but alternately expose our deepest and darkest motivations, desires, fears, and needs so that expanded consciousness, healing, and evolution may occur.

As so much of our inner programming is deeply buried within the psyche from both past lives and early childhood, it isn’t easy to share our innermost self. Not only is it difficult to share, but it is also hard to hear and accept the truths observed by our most beloved without going into denial, avoidance, anger, or abandonment. If you have ever left or been left a profound loving relationship, you know how agonizing it can be.  

The source of problems arising within our intimate partnerships is the shadow elements resulting from us repressing, suppressing, and denying the natural expression of our sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual truths.

We do this to belong and receive nurturing, loving support, sometimes to just survive within the family, society, and the religion into which we are born. This occurs on such a subconscious level that we don’t even realize we are doing it.  

kaypacha speaking at a workshop

However, what is suppressed becomes distorted and is the causal factor leading to anger and rage. These feelings, needs, and desires don’t just disappear. They are buried deep within, far away from ego awareness, in the shadows of our deepest self. 

While we don’t see these aspects of ourselves, others do, especially our intimate partners. The healing power of astrology is borne out of the fact that, as a “blueprint of your soul,” it lays out all aspects of your unconscious, including what is wounded and suppressed as well as what is natural, strong, and beautiful about you.

In this tantric astrological retreat, we will create a safe, healing, supportive container where we can relax, let down our defenses, and gain access to our deepest desires and inner truth. 

Using astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, and tantric practices, we will come to know and feel both the masculine, yang energy and feminine, yin energy within us and bring them together in harmony. 

This inner, sacred marriage work is accomplished by going within our anima/animus and integrating it ourselves, so our partners don’t have to do it! Taking this burden off our relationships allows them to fully blossom, grow, and vibrate with joy, adventure, love, and excitement! We hope you’ll join us!

The more astrology you already know, the better! If you are new to astrology, you’ll be glad to know that your registration includes Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101” webinar series free of charge ($120 value) to learn the basics! Kaypacha goes through the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (16 hours total).

We will spend the first day reviewing these, but certainly, a day can only serve as a review, not an entire education. Therefore, you’ll need to listen to Astrology 101 before the course!


Day 1 – Sunday, July 24

6 pm: Registration

7-8:30 pm: Dinner

8:30 pm
Kaypacha will open the event with “What the @#$% Is Goin’ On?” an astrological look at current events. This talk will be a two-hour “Pele Report” where he will be able to use visual aids to share the bigger picture.

This talk is open to the local public for 25€ at the door.

Day 2 – Monday, July 25

8-9 am: Yoga

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 1 pm
After an opening circle and introductions, Kaypacha will review the 12 signs of the zodiac using description, mythology, movement, and music. A basic understanding of astrology will help you get the most out of this course. Therefore, if you are just beginning your astrological studies, you can listen to the 16-hour “Astrology 101” webinar series that comes free with your registration before the event.

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-5 pm
Kaypacha will review the planets, houses, and aspects, explaining the planetary method of chart interpretation. Then, we will use the tools that astrology provides us to see where you have been in your past lives, what you have learned, what gifts you bring, and what challenges or wounds you are here to evolve, heal, and grow through. 

After the astrology, Aldebaran will lead us in TANTRIC CONNECTION, opening up together in the space, meeting, and establishing a connection through movement.

Day 3 – Tuesday, July 26

8-9 am: Yoga
Our day will begin with Kaypacha leading us in kundalini yoga, breathwork, and meditation designed to open our hearts.

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 1 pm (1h lunch break) 2-5 pm
As reflected in our birth chart, we are all both feminine/yin and masculine/yang. Our unique feminine nature is what attracts each of us to different forms of beauty, different values, tastes, and partners. It is what we feel is attractive and how we make ourselves attractive. The sign, house, and aspects of your natal Venus describe your inner relationship to yourself, which is mirrored in your partnerships. 

Kaypacha will take Venus around the zodiac and in relation to all the other planets giving you an unadulterated understanding of your true, feminine nature.

Aldebaran will then lead us in APHRODITE’S DANCE, where we will offer the beauty of our Shakti to the other and be witnessed in our expression.

Day 4 – Wednesday, July 27

8-9 am: Yoga
Our day will begin with Kaypacha leading us in kundalini yoga, breathwork, and meditation designed to strengthen our will forces.

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 1 pm (1h lunch break) 2-5 pm
We both give and receive, talk and listen, exhale and inhale, act and react. Mars is our masculine nature that seeks to create, penetrate, and initiate. He represents how we act, our instinctive wants and desires, and the will force we use to fulfill them. His place in the horoscope describes your natural sexual expression and what we desire in an intimate sexual partnership. 

Kaypacha will take Mars around the zodiac and in relation to all the other planets giving you a sound understanding of your true, masculine nature. 

Aldebaran will lead us in CONSCIOUS TOUCH, learning to communicate beyond words in a safe and protected space.

Day 5 – Thursday, July 28

8-9 am: Yoga
Our day will begin with Aldebaran leading us in a tantric yoga practice.

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 1 pm (1h lunch break) 2-5 pm
Due to previous life experience and childhood programming, we all have a buried shadow self. These shadow aspects of ourselves are revealed in your birth chart through Saturn, who “rules” suppression, Chiron, the “Wounded Healer,” and Black Moon Lilith, the dark feminine. Kaypacha will take us around the zodiac describing these aspects of the chart so you can begin to see more clearly what your personal shadow work is, where it came from, and how to bring it up out of the shadows.

Aldebaran will lead us in a HEALING AND RELEASING RITUAL. This ritual will bring healing energy to the wounded feminine and the wounded masculine, releasing ancient emotions not only from our field but also from our family tree.

Day 6 – Friday, July 29

8-9 am: Yoga
Our day will begin with Kaypacha leading us in kundalini partner yoga and breathwork, designed to help us relax, connect, and allow another to take us further than we can go alone.

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 1 pm (1h lunch break) 2-5 pm
Your natal horoscope describes you and your soul journey and how others will complement and enhance your evolutionary journey. We will look at the 7th house of partnership and the 8th house of intimate soul union as the planets in these houses and the signs ruling these houses describe what you project. 

Connecting with someone who naturally is and expresses what you instinctively project and want make a “perfect partnership!” 

Aldebaran will lead us in RECEIVING, a group practice of connection, opening up to receive love, tenderness, and care.

Day 7 – Saturday, July 30

8-9 am: Yoga

9-10 am: Breakfast

10 am – 12 pm
After yoga and breakfast, we will have a closing circle with time to share our self-discoveries, mirror each other’s unique gifts, exchange contact info, and say goodbye to our newfound soul tribe of friends.

Truly, this will be a life-changing event you do not want to miss!


Aldebaran Sandrini is Italian and lives in Switzerland. She’s been studying astrology for 25 years, and eight years ago, she founded Athanor in Lugano (CH), a school where she teaches astrology in a theoretical and experiential way. She is also a Rebirther and facilitator of Women’s circles.

She followed for six years a Northern Europe Shamanism path where she studied the Runes and gives workshops and readings incorporating these. She began to train in the last four years with Zola Dubnikova and her Holistic Dance Language as well as Sofia Sundari of the Priestess School. She is an accredited practitioner of Sacred Sexuality Bodywork (Sundari Method).

Visit Aldebaran’s website to find out more about her!

The Venue


Spacious and sitting on a mountain top blanketed with olive and cypress trees, the Buddha Hall offers incredible views and a rare combination of excellent group spaces.
One of Europe’s premier retreat centers!

Price per person
€ 1,130

Special Offer!

Bring your lover or friend to beautiful Corfu and get a € 180 discount on the second ticket!
**Offer valid until July 20, 2022

To Book Please Visit:
👉 https://bit.ly/kaypacha-corfu-tickets 👈

Limited spaces available, book now to join us!

The price does not include accommodation.
The Buddha Hall office can help you find a nice place to stay, please contact them here: office@corfubuddhahall.com
We will offer a complimentary daily shuttle service from town to/from the Buddha Hall.

Prices are per person and in EURO. Currency converter HERE


  • 7-day Astrology workshop led by Kaypacha
  • Astrology 101, Kaypacha’s 16-hour video course explaining the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (value $120) to be viewed before the workshop.
  • Kundalini yoga, breathwork, and meditation with Kaypacha
  • Healing tantric practices led by Aldebaran Sandrini
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Our help and logistics before and during the retreat
  • Participants’ Telegram Group Chat to connect
  • & So Much FUN!!

A negative Covid test (of any type) within 72h. is suggested to participate in the workshop. We want to create the safest bubble possible so that everyone can relax and interact with each other. We won’t ask to see your results, however, please take this as your personal responsibility towards the group. This will be a maskless event.

In addition, we ask that anyone planning to attend the workshop, or the country itself, be mindful and consider changing their travel dates if they show ANY signs of the COVID-19 related symptoms and/or if they suspect having come in contact with someone who has/will test positive for the virus. Given that the NPA team is so small, we can protect each other by being mindful.


Please refer to Greece’s Arrival Protocol HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please note that everything is subject to change due to the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding Covid and travel. We suggest you purchase refundable/changeable travel tickets and acquire travel insurance.

Full refund before May 15, 50% before June 15, and 25% before July 1. No refund after July 1.

Want to stay in Corfu a bit longer?

Join Kaypacha and friends for “The Gathering” at the Buddha Hall,
right after our workshop!!

The Gathering is a one-of-a-kind artistic odyssey in Greece, taking place this summer from 31 July to 6 August. From the creators of Sound & Silence Festival, this newly designed musical journey focuses on the creative process, calling together highly trained multi-instrumentalists and improvisational savants who will serenade us with otherworldly performances each night. Many of them will lead us in high-powered workshops each morning.

Find out more about this magical event HERE and let’s keep the good times coming!