** Join Christina Caudill, Eugenia Krok, Sol W Jonassen and Timothy Halloran as we donate 10% of our November reading sales to Sacred Stone Camp! **
There probably aren't many of us that haven't been moved by the clash of native American water protectors against big oil these past few months.
The messages from shamans in recent years have been telling us that Mother Earth is not pleased with the human race and our disregard for her natural resources. A tipping point is near.
Astrologically, we've seen warrior Mars move through the Pluto in Capricorn square to Uranus-Eris in Aries symbolizing a great power struggle and the need for an uprising against oppression and injustice.
This month, as Neptune conjuncts the South Node of destiny in Pisces and slows to station direct on Nov 19, we'll see a deepening of meaning around what kind of a world we're creating and what legacies we're leaving behind.
For clients who purchase an astrology reading in the month of November, we'll donate 10% of the reading price to the Sacred Stone Camp Official Go Fund Me page.
Even if you don't purchase a reading from us, please consider providing help in some way to the people in North Dakota who are preparing to stand strong through the coldness of winter. Here's a list of ways you can be of help - from calling the President, to helping them winterize with supplies, to donating your time or money.
May the native people be protected and may we give back to Mother Earth in gratitude and grace. Blessed be.
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