In this video, join many members of the Dream Team, as we collaborated on discussing Neptune!  Since Neptune moved into its ruling sign of Pisces in 2011, we have all been under the influence of its power.  This year, with the South Node, also traveling through Pisces, there has been a heightened energy of Pisces themes.  In the video, we go further into Neptune conjuncting the South Node, Saturn squaring Neptune and lots of other fun stuff!

17 thoughts on “The Dream Team Talks About Neptune

  1. Timothy, Maybe when we get in touch with Neptune we will remember our deep past where our thoughts had form in the time of a breath and we will naturally start to vision things into being. No guilt just responsibility for our fulcrom of thought.

  2. Oh my goodness this was the medicine I needed, everything you ALL said was able to fill my heart and soul and ease the busy human mind. I have no idea what or where but am at ease with that and also REST YES YES YES has been so essential. blessings from Australia

  3. Beautiful insights that reignited my own existential dillemas over the last few years ( first house Neptune conjunct Ascendant in Scorpio) – I now feel reborn in faith and joy and surrender to the moment – Thank you – all you wonderful people – xx

  4. Wow! Ty all fr this meeting , I am new in the community, as to learn more the mechanics of astrology …since I’ve followed you I feel connected to my soul family !\! I always wonder if my bc could show in specific way how much I’ve been always moving frm place to places I thik I found it: I’ve got Neptune conjunct Venus in Scorpio in the 4th H . You helped me a lot to seize more about Neptune arch… But Ô wow! Top sync here! Hummm… at 37 min Sol; you brought the topic of the responsability of the creators/’co’ creation ‘s (unmeasurable )side effects & ripples out in the field yes the EMUFso: energetically)( Sol:’what if what I puted out there has an effect on people ?) Welll dear One , I am concerned to the symbolicly/ materialistic ways very much too. I need help & support towards this particular topics ;(I feel the need to speak about this not writing ) But overall I felt guided towards this community in order to expand more my consciousness and perception of the archetypal forces ; how I can use my gifts in arts expression fr healing purposes… Ari I think brought , that sometimes we are so into it the inspiration we have can sustain us in JOY energy supply even in the middle of great period of chaos; so this lead us to think we are on the right path & that this will lead us to achieve our soul’ mission , ( ‘defendind’ Love ) on Earth in this life time… and as Kaypacha brought up in one of his recents the Pele report then Spirit throws us a curve ball… for me it happened a lot, but particularly for the dragon symbol, because when my oldest sister saw ‘ it’ she made the biggest seizure her daughter had withnesses B4, screaming jumping, my niece had to jump on her take her harms back to carry her out of the room and close the door , bringing her away; she said that it was her demon … Wow! Nice Thank you siste… :o( This was a great sabotage again… Anyway, last year I finally thank her for made me conscious of the bad rap dragons have for a lot of people, particularly in catholic religious conditioning, I could see after all these, how her perception broke my aspirations to , and also how it has put me on a highly challenging quest , it brought me to delve into the depths of psychology & symbolism and on the 3d level too… Also I resonated much with Christina’s & her Mother’s heart felt connection, I received beautifull signs from mine as well ( even on my bd with 2 witness at the table ), clear guidance even trough compuiter , also good feeling of comforting love when I hav to rest a little bit to lower the pain, instead of anxiety… ( She passed 1;10 am Full Moon in Virgo/ Monday feb 23th 2016 aged 84 ) Much Love Dream teamer in my heart space xox

  5. What a transmission! Glad I found your amazing & enlightening discussion because I am presently having a Neptune opposition to both my Venus & Mars and felt a little lost in trying to interpret this nebulous energy. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and being awesome guides & guidesses 💕

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