In this video, join many members of the Dream Team, as we collaborated on discussing Neptune!  Since Neptune moved into its ruling sign of Pisces in 2011, we have all been under the influence of its power.  This year, with the South Node, also traveling through Pisces, there has been a heightened energy of Pisces themes.  In the video, we go further into Neptune conjuncting the South Node, Saturn squaring Neptune and lots of other fun stuff!

15 thoughts on “The Dream Team Talks About Neptune

  1. Timothy, Maybe when we get in touch with Neptune we will remember our deep past where our thoughts had form in the time of a breath and we will naturally start to vision things into being. No guilt just responsibility for our fulcrom of thought.

  2. Oh my goodness this was the medicine I needed, everything you ALL said was able to fill my heart and soul and ease the busy human mind. I have no idea what or where but am at ease with that and also REST YES YES YES has been so essential. blessings from Australia

  3. Beautiful insights that reignited my own existential dillemas over the last few years ( first house Neptune conjunct Ascendant in Scorpio) – I now feel reborn in faith and joy and surrender to the moment – Thank you – all you wonderful people – xx

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