Just as human consciousness and therefore human nature, are evolving as we become more aware of ourselves and creation, so to is the nature of our sciences and arts, including astrology. Let's face it, the art/science of astrology is as old and perhaps older than the study of mathematics itself, as it deals with observing natural phenomena (in this case celestial) and relating it to life events independent of actual chart calculations. But it is the point and purpose driving this study that has changed and is changing with the development of our species.
Originally, astrology assisted simple survival skills and was used to determine when to plant and harvest food etc. From simple survival, it was further used to help kings time their invasions and increase their power. From there it expanded into the realm of relationships and births, particularly of the elite. In the west it has currently grown to include personality descriptions, relationship cycles, medical and financial health, and most recently, soul purpose. With each passing generation we come closer and closer to more clearly understanding ourselves and our relationship to the greater whole through astrology.

We could long ponder how it is that Newtonian physics and Quantum physics totally invalidate each other on many levels (one has gravity, the other doesn't, one has objective laws while the other is totally subjective) yet both can be successfully applied for different purposes. So too, the old predictive astrology of fate,  which tells people what is going to happen and when, is still practiced with some degree of success. However, it is rapidly giving ground to a new astrology that compliments and augments our freewill by opening us to more possibilities, options, and self awareness than ever before. This new paradigm of astrology is not found in the sun sign columns or in the many popular astrology "cookbooks" but is emerging in small pockets around the world at a rapid rate.

This new astrology is a healing astrology. What is healing and what needs to be healed? What needs healing is what is wounded, and a wound implies separation and polarity, something "out there" wounding me "in here". All wounding comes from separation, a feeling of separation, and the accompanying fear of failure, loss, annihilation, or death. It is a phenomena that occurs at the moment of birth when the umbilical cord is cut and we are separated from the womb; the mother and become a separate ego. From this perspective we can see that all "dis-ease" and pain is the result of an ego that feels itself separate from the rest of creation, and as a result of that fear, creates blockages to the ever changing and emerging nature of itself and the world around it. Removing the sense or feeling of separation removes the fear, which removes the blockages and pain and the individual is healed of their wounds.

The astrological birthchart is often referred to as "a blueprint or map of the soul". A blueprint or map gives extremely useful information when traveling or building a purposeful structure. As such, the birthchart offers us a valuable, objective, view of ourselves, our strengths, and our needs. Yet the very nature of a blueprint or map implies that there is an architect or map maker and it is this understanding with regard to astrology that illumines the magic; the alchemy of its healing nature. For it is through the blueprint that we may witness the genius of the architect and identify, adapt, expand, or change the purpose of the building we are erecting.

In this analogy, the building is our life.  We are forever building our lives and the very knowing that there was an intention, a purpose, an "architect" pre-existing the moment of our birth proves that we are more than our body, more than our feelings, and more than our thoughts which have all come after and are a result of that original intention. This knowing leads to a sense of unity with our spiritual nature and thus of all creation (presuming all manifest creation originates from an intention). This knowing leads to a comfort, a security, a bliss, that is indestructible and eternal as it exists beyond time and space within the infinity of our SELF.

This is why the interpretation of astrological birthcharts has continued through all the years of scientific and religious harassment and dispute. When you receive a reading you receive the gift of an external validation of who and what you are, a welcome AHA! that confirms your intuitive knowing that you are more than what you appear at any given moment in time. And it is this feeling, not all the knowledge, predictions, or information in the world that begins, maintains and nourishes the healing of our bodies, minds, and souls.  In the end there are no accidents, only change, created consciously or not.

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