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An Astrological Look at Ourselves,
Our world and 2021 with Kaypacha

There are many challenges facing humanity at this time, some coming from nature and some imposed by governments, corporations, and social pressure.
The problems we face require us to unite to successfully surmount our collective problems, regain our footing, and advance civilization. This is the call of Aquarius which saw the beginning of a 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle on our most recent solstice. The need for us to come together in a cohesive, aligned, and supportive “front” actually spotlights the extremely diverse beliefs, desires, and polarized approaches we have as individuals toward today’s issues (reflected in Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus).

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In this multi-purpose astrologically-based event, we will gather together and use the wisdom of the stars to shed light upon collective earthly events and our individual destiny in relation to these events.

We will use kundalini yogic practices and the natural harmony and beauty of the Costa Rican tropics to reconnect to our inner self’s deepest roots and soar spiritually to new heights. 

We will spend the first days (re)acquainting ourselves with the current planetary cycles and the final days learning more astrology through short, personal interpretations of each participant’s birth chart. In between, we’ll take a day to sail the coastal waters and experience the rejuvenating love of mother nature.

A solid, fundamental understanding of the signs, planets, and houses is necessary to get the most out of this event. While you will receive a complimentary “Astrology 101” (a $120, sixteen-hour video course by Kaypacha) to assist your remembering, it will be best if you are, at a minimum, able to identify all the symbols and know your birth chart by heart. Everyone is asked to participate in the yoga practices and circle activities to build a strong group container.


Citizens/residents from ALL countries are currently allowed to enter Costa Rica by air.

Everyone will need to present a COVID 19 test (either PCR or antigen) or a letter from an M.D. of having already recovered from it within three days of arrival. Please read the additional information below. With this assurance, we will gather at the venue as strong and healthy souls not needing to social distance.

Schedule of Activities

Costa Rica astrology workshop May 2021 Group

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for the entire event. We will begin with yoga every day. Lunch will extend from 12–3 PM to give adequate time to breathe out, swim in the pool, walk on the beach, or mingle with your new friends.

Space is limited to maintain intimacy.


Arrive and settle. After 6 PM dinner Kaypacha will share “What the #$%^ Is Going On?” This look at the current transits is an extended Pele Report and will set the stage for the work we will be doing the rest of the week.


After breakfast, Kaypacha will take us through the 12 signs of the zodiac, using description, mythology, yoga, movement, and music. Following a review of both the planets and houses, we will delve deeper into the Leo/Aquarius axis.


After yoga and breakfast, Kaypacha will explain New Paradigm Astrology’s method of chart interpretation, which begins with past life experiences, leads into to this life’s soul intentions, and ends with what evolutionary changes are being triggered now. We will extend the focus of our work to include Taurus/Scorpio and the entire fixed cross. With your chart in hand (including the transits), you will note what is getting activated and when. We will discuss in groups and journal our findings.


After breakfast, we’ll all go sailing and relax at the beach! If it is raining, we will reschedule sailing.

Thursday & Friday

Following yoga and breakfast, we’ll gather to experience the healing power of astrology as Kaypacha works with each participant, in turn, to answer whatever questions you have about any aspects of your life. There is no more powerful and beautiful way to learn the magic of the stars than to see it applied to our brothers and sisters in real time/life. The burdens we carry, the challenges we face, and the love needed to grow through our experience bring us together as vulnerable, heart-centered healers for each other.

We find solace and support through the inevitable experience of witnessing other’s similar struggles and strengths to our own. This transforms our circle into a sacred chalice where alchemical healing magic can renew, strengthen, and revitalize us.


Following breakfast, we will gather for a final closing circle ceremony before departure.

The Venue

Costa Rica astrology workshop May 2021 Location

For more information visit:


We will enjoy Costa Rica cuisine!


For NPA members
Double Occupancy: $ 1,500 USD / Single Occupancy: $ 1,999.20 USD

Become a member for only $22/month HERE! (Discount automatically applied at check-out)

Regular Price
Double Occupancy: $ 1,875 USD / Single Occupancy: $ 2,499 USD

RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Pay 50% now, and 50% at the time of the workshop! Apply for this offer HERE.

All prices are per person. Price includes:

  • Lodging for 6 nights
  • All meals
  • Soft drinks & juices
  • All workshop activities
  • Sailing

Price does not include:

  • Airfare or any transportation. However, the hotel has a shuttle that will take 1-5 people from the airport for $ 60 USD. We will create a private FB group to get to know each other and coordinate shuttles to and from the airport.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • PCR /Rapid Antigen Test
  • Medical Insurance

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the event, get in touch with us!

Booking Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding Covid and travel, everything is subject to change. We will provide you with a full refund (minus fees), but you should be sure to purchase refundable/changeable travel tickets. Let’s hope and pray we can come together!

Basically, you will need:
1. A negative PCR or Rapid Antigen Covid test within 72h of the workshop
2. International medical insurance
3. A round trip ticket within 90 days of arrival
4. A passport valid for the next 6 months
5. A health pass form (see below)


Please secure your reservation with us before booking your flight tickets. New Paradigm Astrology (hereafter NPA) does not include the airfare and the transportation to and from the Liberia airport (not SJO San Jose!). Given today’s circumstances, you should purchase refundable tickets. NPA is not responsible for any travel costs should the event or your participation in the event be canceled.


To enter and exit Costa Rica, you must bring a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before the expiration date. Most of the countries are not required to issue a Visa to enter. For most countries, you will need to show a return ticket from Costa Rica within 90 days of your arrival date. All participants must have their medical insurance.


Citizens/residents from ALL countries are currently allowed to enter Costa Rica by air. For the latest restrictions (as of March 1st), CLICK HERE. Cases are way down in Costa Rica, and most all restrictions have been lifted. While the Tico Times article above states that Costa Rica does not require passing a Covid test, for the safety of everyone involved in this workshop, and so we do not need to practice social distancing, WE DO. In addition to the test, there are specific entry requirements that must be met.


  • Fill out the electronic epidemiological Health Pass form, available at https://salud.go.cr (available 48 hours before arrival; requires insurance to be purchased first).
  • Traveler’s Medical Insurance – international or purchased through Costa Rica via the National Insurance Institute or Sagicor.
  • For the National Insurance Institute (INS), we’ve found that the English version of their landing page is currently not working. Scroll down and click “COMPRAR” to continue.
  • INS offers better rates than Sagicor; Trawick International (more below) is currently offering the best coverage rates that meet the CR requirements.
  • OR an international insurance policy. Tourists must request a certification from their insurance company, issued in English or Spanish, verifying at least the following three conditions:
  1. Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica.
  2. Guaranteed coverage of COVID-19 related medical expenses, with a minimum coverage of USD 50,000. While Costa Rican entities’ plans (linked above) only need to require USD 20,000 of medical coverage, international plans must meet the USD 50,000 minimum coverage.
  3. Includes a minimum coverage of USD 2,000 for lodging expenses as a result of being placed on quarantine if you become ill during your trip.*

*Many international insurance providers that we have researched, called, and vetted do NOT meet the lodging/accommodation requirement, such as World Nomads and Safety Wing. Passengers who fail to comply with these requirements may not enter the country.

Please read this article for further clarification on how to the right international insurance.

Upon landing in Costa Rican territory, travelers must wear face protection, comply with the airport’s protocols concerning physical distancing and temperature readings, and follow any other sanitary instructions.


U.S. Citizens: Trawick International has a policy that meets the requirements available that is far more affordable, depending on the trip length and age of the travelers. Choose the “Safe Travels Voyager” option. Don’t enter a value for “Insure Your Trip.”

Canadians: Trawick is offering a policy that meets the requirements for non-US citizens. Choose either “Safe Travels International” or “Safe Travels International Cost Saver.” Manulife insurance for bookings made by Aeroplan members does NOT meet the lodging/accommodation requirement.

Rest of World: Trawick is offering a policy that meets the requirements for non-US citizens. Choose either “Safe Travels International” or “Safe Travels International Cost Saver.”


An RT-PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result is required to participate in the workshop. In addition, we ask that anyone planning to attend the workshop, or the country itself, be mindful and consider changing their travel dates if they show ANY signs of the COVID-19 related symptoms and/or if they suspect having come in contact with someone who has/will test positive for the virus. Given that the NPA team is so small, we can protect each other by being mindful. Our Cancellation Policy considers this by offering to refund (100% minus fees) your reservation up to your date of arrival.


From January 26, those returning to the U.S. will also be required to show a negative COVID result from a test taken within 72 hours of departure. More information HERE. Our understanding is that international passengers in transit via the U.S. are exempt, although please confirm with your local embassy.

We highly recommend that you extend your stay past the workshop, not only to visit other parts of Costa Rica but also to allow time outside the workshop to take your test before your flight. There are clinics in Liberia (30 minutes away) near the airport that provide PCR tests for your return trip.


New Paradigm Astrology is following Costa Rican guidelines about what criteria we must provide to our guests. Rest assured that we are taking COVID seriously and will update our policies as needed. The safety of staff and guests is our top priority. We have policies regarding cancellations and reservation changes to help keep you and our team safe during these challenging times.

NPA is currently accepting registrations under the following conditions:

  • NPA will offer a refund of 100% of all money received minus transfer fees if you cannot fulfill your reservation due to COVID positive tests, country closures, or local rules and orders.
  • NPA requires all reserved guests to present a COVID 19 test (either PCR or antigen) or a letter from an MD of having already recovered from it upon arrival.
  • NPA requires all reserved guests to confirm a lack of COVID symptoms 48 hours from arrival.
  • NPA cannot offer any COVID-related refunds once a guest has arrived.
  • NPA recommends purchasing refundable airline tickets for travel to Costa Rica.
  • If at any time during the event a guest shows COVID symptoms, they agree to remove themselves from the workshop, seek medical care, isolate themselves, and contact their insurance company for further instructions.

With so many regulations changing without notice, we highly recommend double checking your country’s guidelines and/or the local embassy guidelines in San José at the time of purchasing.


While we understand that life is crazy and plans change, we also hope you know that it is a lot of work to put on a retreat, high risk, and not easy to fill empty seats last minute. Our refund policy is as follows:

  • Before April 1, 2021 – 50% refund
  • Before May 1, 2021 – 25% refund
  • NO REFUNDS after May 1, 2021. Unless you come down with Covid-19 (goddess forbid!)

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