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Hi, I'm an astrologer based in Savannah Georgia who currently studies evolutionary astrology and has been practicing professionally for several years. My astrology readings aim to reaffirm one's individual journey and encourages self-acceptance and inner-strength even as we approach the sharp edges of life: difficulties, wounds, trauma, tension from the understanding that healing is the purpose of our journey and not a detour, not the result of a mistake. The idea is that healing happens naturally by embracing the fullest uncensored journey through life, confronting all fears with the open arms of understanding there is good reason for everything despite appearances. Healing can only come from one’s own self via one’s own free will; To choose to fully submerge into one’s own life and unfolding. My services are aimed only to annotate this natural process of blossoming into one’s fullest potential and realizing the significance of every chapter in one’s life.

I look forward to connecting learning and sharing!

Get in touch through my website: http://www.RasaLilaHealing.com

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18 thoughts on “Timothy Halloran

  1. Have listened to your utube prediction for a long time now! Congratulations on teaming up ! I consider you in my top 6 listening prediction choices! Tom lesher ,Timothy H,David Palmer ! Women Kelly Russano , lada dunchava, Nadia Shaw! You’ve had an amazing journey and I recognize you!

    • LaÃsbdyjentaSn¥ bra du fikk bruk for det! Hm, godt spørsmÃ¥l, bruker det sjelden i klasserommet, og er litt usikker pÃ¥ akkurat den biten faktisk. Mener Ã¥ ha hørt at man ikke kan bruke spotify pÃ¥ f.eks. kafeer, utesteder o.l., men jeg vet ikke sikkert. Kanskje noen andre vet?

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    • it’s just something you gotta feel man. you have to find something to write about that really means something to you. but as for the actual writting part i like to use an abc rhyme scheme.

    • anwnhme 8.42 o anthrwpos eipe kati aplo…pws kala ekanan kai fwnaksan zitw i b.hpeiros…esy pou kollas ???den exw psifisei pote albaniko komma…alla an exei ta kotsia enas pou einai se albaniko na pei kati teteio tha ton psifisw ANETA e poio lepto eipai pws kala ekana to akouw ksana kai ksana kai den to briskw pou einai kale???

      • The poscpile photo made me laugh! You were in such awe of that thing!! You did so well through your labor even after they broke your water. Everyone thought you did well!

  2. Thanks Tim for the invitation. A pity you have to pay to participate. Ill save the money for a personal reading with you 😉 !

  3. I heard you talking via youtube, and as I listened to you I felt a real connection with the wisdom and knowledge that you were imparting in the video. You said that you had respect and admiration for those souls who are on the fringes or margins of urban society, those who are enduring so much pain and spiritual suffering yet haven’t given up and keep on fightng. It was so beautiful to hear you expressing your total understanding and empathy towards those who are in some kind of crisis or emotional trauma. Thankyou for extending your own internal kindness and compassion out into the universe.

  4. I wanted to share my appreciation with you. I’m listening to your YouTube video about April 2017, and I am loving your stance on the Divine feminine. Thank you so much for sharing you with us. I love having the experience of my brothers speaking for the Divine feminine we all share inside and outside. Walking through the world as a woman sometimes I get a little fucking tired. allies are a breath of fresh air– or a tree to lean on or something happy and essential like that ??

  5. Hey Timothy
    I just came back from the co-creating with you in Costa Rica
    Very transformative experience however I missed your Talk on Chiron
    Will you be posting it for us to watch? Also you have a beautiful voice and you’re chanting Especially The one with ‘Ma Durga ‘at the kundalini yoga was very powerful and touched me deeply …helped opened up my Crown cHakra
    Can you tell me something about that chant and the Deity ?

  6. Oh So so so Bless you indeed.
    I.m spirit as u n we all are. N to come across you n your words now.
    I am a singer n songs of spirit are my gift i havn.t been singing to humans. Only to the winds sea woods the fairys nmystery.
    Bless you. It came so clear to me hearing you in all mirrors way namaste.
    I will i shall now sing in glory as my gift for n with Humans xx bliss blessings indeed. Thank you

  7. My computer has virus and I’m trying to book a reading but it’s not obvious how to do this from my phone…can somebody help navigate please? What am I missing?

  8. Wow! Master Halloran. I wasn’t looking for you—but, i found you. There are no chance encounters. If you ever visit Long Beach, Ca., we must meet. Your video was very earnest/ honest/ and uplifting. Congrats and thanks! I think the world forgets (or never knew) the magi who went seeking a Holy Baby in Bethlehem: were astrologers… You remind me of one of them! I appreciate your sweet spirit and assured energy. I know of no pne who could not be edified from having an encounter with YOU. You truly seem to love YOUR fellows as much as Our Creator.
    Blessings attend you, now and ALWAYS, dear Brother. Peace. Gregg Oreo 😎 😃 🌞 🌞

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