In this video we will explore the significance of the Moon’s nodes, how they are determined and how they relate to the push and pull of the past and future within the present moment. The Moon’s nodes provide much of the fundamental structure and evolutionary direction in any natal chart. The basic Evolutionary Astrology method of chart interpretation mentioned in this video uses the following order, or layers to understand some of the base dynamics of the soul:

1) House and sign position of Pluto (& polarity point)

2) House and sign position of the Moon’s nodes

3) House and sign position of the planetary rulers of the Moon’s nodes

We will explore the planetary rulerships of the twelve zodiac signs to further elaborate how exploring the position and aspects to the planets ruling the Moon’s nodes can further illustrate and describe the relationship between the past and future and how such dynamics can unfold in the current life.

23 thoughts on “Timothy Halloran – The Moon’s Nodes & Planetary Rulers

  1. Thanks for this great talk, Tim! I learned that the NNode was about the future, and the SNode was about the past, but I realize that I learned it more by rote, like a 1st grade student. This was a very enlightening exposition of the reasoning.

    I think discussing the SNode with clients as an area already experienced or mastered is a really helpful construct, and having the NNode (the polar opposite) as the future area of expansion is just really brilliant. What a great way to show the movement of the soul into a more complete fulfillment.

    The “skipped steps” concept was totally new to me. I have to think about this a great deal more. I had to check my own chart and I had Neptune (in Libra) SQ the nodes, with NNode being the resolution node.

    I have quite a bit of thinking to do on this!

  2. This was fantastic, Timothy! I’ve learned so much from reading Green’s book on Evolutionary Astrology, as well as from members of the NPA community. I have much to learn, but here is my attempt at interpreting the chart you drew.

    To me, this seems like someone whose past life consisted of accumulating data and performing detailed analysis of systems. Probably worked with the body, and/or as a healer. (Pluto in 6th house virgo) This was coupled with a deep sense of emotional depth and compassion towards those they worked with, adding to that healing element (south node in cancer). They were also deeply spiritual, and worked towards dissolving the ego through spiritual practices (ruler of south node in 12th house Pisces)
    The issue in this life, however, is that this person can be stuck in a mode of either emotionally criticizing themselves and/or other people. They can be hyper sensitive and may even suffer from hypochondria and emotional mood swings. They can get emotionally wrapped up in their own feelings, while also over analyzing themselves and others. The polarity point of pluto is conjunct the ruler of the south node in the 12th house, which indicates that the work of becoming spiritual and developing methods of interconnectedness were not complete in previous lives and are being brought into the current life for completion. They are meant to develop this sense of interconnecredness in this life time.
    The way to move forward is to develop a vocation that works towards creating an emotional understanding of deeper spiritual truths, and then spread this message by solidifying this knowledge through teaching, traveling or publishing. (Pluto polarity point in 12th house Pisces, North Node in 10th house Capricorn with ruler in 9th house Sagittarius)
    This person is going to be working towards developing a vocation that solidifies spiritual practices through teaching. In this way they will feel emotinally interconnected with all things.

    Hope this was somewhat accurate! Let me know what you think! Peace be with you.


    • Hey Jesse! Nice interpretation, I will add my thoughts below. One thing I’ll say first (and probably should have mentioned in the video) is that there will be a huge range of possibilities of how this arrangement can play out and one of the most determining factors in that will be the evolutionary level of the soul, which can only be known through meeting the soul and not merely through astrology.

      Your interpretation of this arrangement would be accurate in terms of a soul who is very deeply sensitive (SN in Cancer, Moon in Pisces) and likely unconsciously hypercritical (Pluto in the 6th). I would say the most common quality they would possess is an empathetic sensitivity that makes them prone to being influenced or even steered by others (Pisces+Cancer). It’s always important to note the positive qualities of the SN as well – which in this case would be an incredibly gentle and nurturing soul with skills of creating safe and nurturing space for others and the whole. With their NN in Capricorn a big part of this life’s intention will be for the soul to be establishing themselves, become their own CEO, their own authority, and look to themselves for support and pats on the back rather then looking at others, and doing what others expect out of a need to be needed (which with such a configuration would likely only replay experiences of disappointment or deception)

      Examples of how this could potentially work out for a soul in a consensus stage is someone who is completely at the whim of the environments and people surrounding them, likely morphing and reflecting the intentions of the home upbringing and family at the potential self-sacrifice of personal or individual desires. That soul would be creating and establishing stability that was never provided to them by finding work, structures that reflect their true interests, philosophy or truth (Saturn in Sagittarius) or working to bring structures or institutions into the world that reflect their social/political ideals. In a spiritualized soul this arrangement may reflect lifetimes of spiritualizing, devotion to the whole, service to the family and tribe, who is desiring in this life to bring their ethereal or creative perspective into the world by anchoring ambiguous concepts into defined structures, schools or thought and forms, or bringing their spiritual wisdom into practical or institutionalized expressions.

      Pluto opposite the ruler of the south node might possibly but not necessarily suggest an “incompleteness” from prior life intentions or that a resistance was built up “like loading a spring” that can be released with intensity or passion in the current life. It can be a soul who has been evolving as fast as it can through intense experiences. Particularly the moon opposite Pluto regardless will denote a soul who experiences powerful and intense emotions. In this arrangement such powerful emotions will be apart of the empathetic sensitivity (which could be used like a psychic gift) that is brought into the current life and working with and using such powerful emotions and sensitivity will be one of the major themes for this life.

      Again without extra information there are many possibilities that can work. Hope that helps!

      • Wow, man! This is great!!! There is so much depth and complexity within astrology, and I love how deeply it reaches. Thanks for offering up this exercise and also for giving your interpretation. This certainly helped a lot and I look forward to learning more from you in the future.
        For reference about me, I’ve got my North Node in 9th house Pisces at 23 Degrees conjunct the Sun at 17 degrees with South Node in 3rd House Virgo. This Pisces/Virgo nodal transit has been a most intense ride the past year and a half! I believe it is one of reasons why I came upon your channel, and then this community soon after!


  3. Thank you Timothy…you really took it step by step, and created great insight into seeing the Soul’s “story” just through the nodes and Pluto. I was picked Aquarius and Leo. My south node is 9 degrees Leo in 10th and 9degrees Aquarius in 4th, with my Mars in Taurus at 5 degrees (7th house) squaring. I left home at 16 ..this years new year in Aquarius conjuncted my north node in 4th. As the eclipses came , so many amazing events took place that look , like I would benefit in so many ways to go live by my grown kids and old circle of family again. What happens when we have a nodal reverse…in the time ahead the Leo North node will Conjunct my South node in Aquarius…what does that offer?

    • If your south node is in aquarius your north node is in Leo and you are soon to have a nodal return. This is an 18 year cycle and the return is the completing/beginning of a new cycle of aligning your intentions and direction of growth with your soul’s intention shown by the direction of the nodes in signs, houses, planetary rulers and their aspects. If you think back to around when you were 18 years old there may be an experience or change of direction you may remember that reflects this alignment and movement into the direction of your moon’s north node.

    • Intercepted houses can be interpreted based off the rest of the chart. I would look at the rulers of your moon’s nodes (the Sun & Uranus). Are they heavily aspected by other planets? Do you have planets in the signs of Leo or Aquarius? If you notice a strong Leo/Aquarius Sun/Uranus theme in your chart I would say that Leo & Aquarius as intercepted signs are strongly integrated signatures (this is already suggested by Jupiter square those nodes as a skipped step). If there are no planetary aspects to the Sun or Uranus and few planets in those signs then those intercepted signs may be asking to be integrated throughout life.

  4. WOW! this is definitely an eye opener. I have Pluto conjunct my south node in Scorpio with Mars both at 6 degrees, and Scorpio is my rising sign. I have not really paid any attention to how that will make me reconsider the ideas in Scorpio before I can graduate to my N/node in Taurus. I also have jupiter square the nodes, and a void venus, ruler of my N/nodes house. Thank you Timothy!

  5. Hi Timothy,
    Excellent video! Quick question, what if there were two squares to the Nodes creating grand cross? How would that play into soul evolvement and past soul mastery? Very interesting stuff! thanks for sharing!

    • It means that the opposition between the two skipped steps creates a very important dynamic that needs to be balanced and integrated (an opposition always invites a bridging of two polarities). Hinting at how to recover those skipped steps is that one planet will have the north node be the resolution node and the other will have the south node as the resolution node.

  6. Thank you Timothy, it was really very informative. I was always wondering what my south node conjunct Pluto in Leo meant, however it is in my twelve house, so does that mean all the things that I have to resolve in this lifetime are happening on the subconscious level? I am still confused with that

    • Where Pluto is conjunct the moon’s south node in the natal chart will show where there can be powerful transformative dynamics brought in from past lives and/or also likely where there is unconscious resistance to the evolutionary intention depicted by the moon’s north node. In any case there is a strong need to look deeply into your own unconscious being in order to resolve such dynamics by integrating the highest octave of that Pluto (by house and sign) which always happens by achieving a balance by the opposite house and sign. So for example high octave 12th house (Pisces) is a channel or artist who can be inspired and animated by the divine flow of life/love by acting as a container or vessel for it (6th house & Virgo) which requires a healthy and practical integration of the mystical flow by setting healthy boundaries and “harnessing” it / grounding it into the world of 3D form… (this allows healing, medicine and artistic expression)

  7. Hi Timothy! I have a question as a relative newbie trying to wrap my head around these (awesome) dynamics. I didn’t realize until watching this video that my NN in Aries is square to my Neptune in Capricorn. How might I find more information to help me explore these dynamics? For example I’m unclear on what this Neptune square might imply. And whatever you’re willing to share here is certainly very appreciated!

    Thank you sir and I’m excited to meet in person at Astrology Rising!

  8. What if your planetary ruler of your node that passed your skipped step planet last is the same (Jupiter)
    NN in sag and square Jupiter in Pisces -Pisces in first house. NN conjunct midheaven also conjunct Neptune. South node conjunct sun in gem?
    Jupiter is my helper and my skipped step?

  9. Wonderful teaching Timothy. Thank you so very much for this video. It has brought much clarity and many questions!!! I am wondering, is Black Moon Lilith square to the nodes, considered to be a skipped step? It feels like it would be, as my north node feels as familiar to me as my south does in terms of experience, and Pluto is not conjunct but is in the same house (3 degrees) as my north node 24 degrees Virgo. My north node ruler is Mercury, which is conjunct my South Node (1st house, 24 degrees) in Pisces at 27 degrees (2nd house). The ruler of my South Node (Neptune), is in Scorpio 8 degrees in 9th House, with the Moon there also at 24 degrees. My Sun is in Aries 24 degrees 2nd house. I’m just trying to work out all the layers of interpretation. How would I go about getting a chart reading from you?

  10. Hi Timothy, thank you for the info on the nodes. I am fascinated by them, and you got close to mine in you show. I will ask for some personal help. I have my true NN @ 28 Leo and my mean NN @ 0 Virgo 2nd house. Some astrologers use true node and others use mean node. This is my conclusion, if the nodes are bouncing around when we are born would using all the degrees they are hitting be relevant when interpreting our charts? When I look at the placements of all 3 degrees they seem to be appropriate for me. I use the Sabina symbols as well. I dont want to ruffle feathers, though i find that when i look at the exact degrees they are relevant for me. I find that if i round up that does not fit me. But that is me i am more of an exact person.
    I have Pluto @ 5 Virgo, would that still be close enough to consider a conjunction for your interpretation? and then would mean that i have an extra boost towards my NN?
    I have my moon @ 23 Scorpio, would that be considered a skipped step? and what do you mean by skipped step, like a skip in the degrees of the chart or like i didnt do something in a past life?
    Then i have Chiron @ 6 Pisces would be close enough for a conjunction to my S node?
    Lots of question, but this is one intense crab who is trying to figure this game of life out.
    I love you videos, maybe because you are so intense and passionate as well.
    Thank you, Louise

  11. Hi Tim ! WOW (!?) TYVM fr these infos… You’re always explaining your points so very clearly & cautiously; always showing how it is important to have/(hold space) a careful/respectful approach towards (our hability to interprets) Others( chart & aspects). I have a lot of food fr thoughts now… Nonetheless , the astrological language & dynamics involved in a bc are kind of ‘new studies’ fr me , also English is a second language… You said in the video to go to forum spot, to get some help if I remember correctly… Overall, I get the huge importance the deep understanding of this topic IS to get the Point on EA ( JWG School) to what seems to be The Main / Core Principle, of is Plutonian approach… From now what I can understand is that my unresolved major ‘hidden/denied’ health issues, happened at my birth, but it is shown linked to past lives events, choices & (re) actions … Hmmm…. Ok fr now, I need to move… I wish you the ‘best’ fr growing lol Blessings to you & your beloved Ones… XOX

  12. Hello ☺ what about if you have 2 planets squaring the nodes? Example: North Node in Aquarius 9°, South Node in Leo 9°, Mercury in Taurus 12°, Pluto in Scorpio 15°

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