Athens, Greece

The year of 2018 is one of deep transformation through a descent into the underworld of our psyches and the shadow realms within to tap into the true roots of ourselves and regain the lost power latent and awaiting us there. It is a year of stripping away the “false self” and daring to expose our vulnerability to allow true intimacy to occur. Through facing, confronting, and moving through our fears and shame, we can move into a state of self-acceptance that will allow love to flourish in our lives.

This weekend experience will be a journey within using astrology as a compass for discovering your true essence, your light & darkness, feminine & masculine nature, and soul intention for Divine Union. We will enter the deep realms of your core self to connect with the power of Love, Eros & Sensuality~ that Joy, Beauty & Inspiration may expand within, outward, and beyond. In the land of the Greek Gods & Goddesses, we will call upon their energies to cleanse, rebalance & transform us.

Through experiential exercises and the wisdom teachings of astrology, we will work through what is necessary for you to fully express your Sun (outer light), Moon (inner depth), Venus (Goddess), and Mars (God). We will experience our full Self through the four elements of Earth (senses), Water (emotions), Air (consciousness), and Fire (Spirit). Kundalini yoga, methods of creative arts therapy, body psychotherapy, shamanism, systemic constellation work & energy work will all serve to help us experience ourselves not as abstract, intellectual identities but as powerful light beings fully embodied in the flesh.


Day 1
”What the #$%^ is Goin’ On?” An astrological Overview of our times with Kaypacha. This talk is open to the public.

Day 2
Connection to the Self & our Stories / Fire & Air
9 am – 12 pm: Welcoming and Introduction to the Astrology of the Self: the 12 signs of the zodiac
Activities will include breath work, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac including “The Yoga of the Zodiac,” an inner experience of the 12 basic archetypes through music and movement.

1:30 – 5 pm: Whispers of the Inner Child to connect to the Feminine & Masculine
Kaypacha will share the astrology of the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and with Effie we will experience these energies through body movement, ritualistic narrative & constellation work, assisting emotional blockages & “favorite collapses” that persist to surface. Family patterns, drama & trauma feed fears, feelings of shame & guilt. Where are these stored in your body, psyche & energy field? If they were to speak what would they say? And what would you say to them?

5:30 – 7 pm: Guided meditation for receiving the messages from your wise Inner Child so as to what you need for your present state to move into your full power, honoring who you truly are. Writing & sharing. Closing with body exercises to connect with the love energy of the Inner Child- gazing, touching, and holding.

Day 3
Connection with Self and Other / Earth & Water
9 am – 1 pm: Kaypacha – How the signs, elements, and planets complement and complete each other. Understanding the placements and aspects of Venus and Mars in ourselves- body, mind, emotions -in communicating, expressing, and relating to the other intimately.
Effie – On your own & in pairs. Exercises in coming together.
The First Encounter. Mirroring. Keeping Distance. Placing Boundaries. Expressing your needs. Building Trust.
Roleplaying with the Mask: victim, addict, savior, martyr, etc.

2:30 – 7 pm: Coming Close – Experiencing your Sensuality. Being seen, heard, felt, and cared for.
Kaypacha will bring the physical attributes of the zodiacal signs in relation to our personal charts.
Validation Ceremony of self & other (self-acceptance). Ritual honoring of our bodies that will include physical touch.

Day 4
Connection to the Universe / Water & Ether
8:30 – 9:30 am: Kundalini Yoga with Kaypacha

10:30 am – 1:30 pm: Kaypacha will discuss the astrology of the water signs and planets that metamorphose and transform our blockages to open channels of Divine Beauty & Oneness.
Effie – The bridging of the Feminine & Masculine. Peace is made.
Creating a new contract by re-writing your story, letting go & releasing old imprints & recordings. Having made space for the other to be and/or come into our lives in an Equal Adult/ Differentiated Way, we will co-create a new template.
Methods and techniques from body psychotherapy of enhancing the energy of “Eros” & Kallos” (Beauty) in the process. Creative arts therapy and group work with Sacred Sound & Geometry.

3 – 5 pm: Closing “The Joining of Heaven & Earth,” Sacred dance movement
A blending, deepening, and expressing of all that we have learned, experienced, and felt through our time together.


Inner Flow Athens City Center for psychological support & creative expression is a beautiful space in the heart of the magical energetic city of Athens on Praxitelous Street #8 Karitsi Square.

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