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Waning Moon 12º Leo Nov 5, 2023


〰️ Our real hunger is for the light of life 〰️

As earth keeps spinning on its axis, the cosmic clock turns to another phase of the monthly cycle. It has happened before, and it will happen again and again and again. It might seem like a drop in the vast ocean of endlessness. However, it still matters. We are here, and all our navels are somehow at the center of everything that happens. At least in our lives. And that matters.

Life is endlessly precious, yet somehow, in our self-objectifying world, we seem to forget how precious it is. And then we get a wakeup call, and immediately we remember again. If the Scorpio portrays the dark night of the Soul, the death process both in a literal and metaphorical sense, then the Moon in Leo is the radiant life force itself. These two represent the schism between life and death, and those who experienced the death of a loved one might have recalled that after the grief, a deep appreciation and respect for life potentially appeared. Death urges us to make our time here count.

Yet, because death is somewhere other than here and invisible, we tend to forget about it until we are old enough to know that one day, we will die too. But rest assured, death lies in our subconscious and translates into a fear of the unknown that could haunt us in more ways than we imagine. 

Scorpio describes death and dissolution of the ego. Once a perceived threat to the structures that have outlived themselves arrives, the ego goes into full defensive mode, coming up with a ton of excuses not to do the very thing that would bring back life again. We spend a lot of time and energy invested in building a life, and then, one day, it all crumbles because Scorpio pops up and confronts the limitations. On the surface, it could all look great, and then time passes, and the one seed of death inside could turn into a state of being where nothing makes sense. The career suddenly does not give any satisfaction, the relationship died, the purpose of life disappears. Is it possible to argue with these feelings of being saturated? Of having had enough?

Of course, it is. It would be foolish to toss out any good and long investment at first glance of temptation. At least not without trying to reinvigorate the light where we are. We have to accept the temptation itself answered to nothing but an inner calling. If there were no bait, there wouldn’t be a fish. And this should be taken seriously. Again, life is precious and requires change. Whatever is left on the other side of the Scorpio death process is of real value. The challenge is to trust that. Trust that whatever is real cannot die. Yet, the illusions need to be confronted. No one can live a lie comfortably. 

The Sabian Symbol for the Leo Moon is, as usual, extremely fitting: «An old sea captain is rocking himself on the porch of his cottage.» He has weathered storms and matured through the many lunar cycles he has seen from his journey. Yet, the calming rhythm of his rocking chair is a firm reminder to keep on keeping on. And not stay in the past. If we surrender to the past, we lose touch with what is here and now. That which once was isn’t anymore, and the only thing we bring along our path is our wisdom and our essence. And herein lies the crux of the matter. 

When life’s many puzzles arrive on our doorsteps, and we have to figure out how to move from passive to active, from death to life, we need this wisdom. As the Scorpio message talks about becoming more autonomous and strong, we need to look at where we outsource our power and leave it up to others to decide for us. Remembering how precious life is, we might also get a nudge to trust ourselves and know that we weathered many a storm and somehow managed to find land again. The storm itself was uncomfortable, but out of it, new life appeared, and that was the treasure we were seeking.

This lunar phase is reflective. That which appeared and should give meaning gave less than promised. And our real hunger is for the light of life. Or, as sung by the artist Pink:

«From a distance all these mountainsAre just some tiny hillsWildflowers, they keep livingWhile they’re just standing stillI’ve been missing yesterdayBut what if there’s a better place?

Cover me in sunshineShower me with good timesTell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginningAnd everything will be alright»

Aum to that, and may you feel refreshed, strong, and trusting as you wake up to a new day. 

Sol W Jonassen

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