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Waning Moon 12º Virgo Dec 5, 2023


〰️ Opening the mystical realm of self-realization 〰️

There is a feeling of change in the air. And it is most welcome! As the earth’s mood shifts from gloom and doom to hope and new vision, it can feel like a breath of fresh air. Albeit we aren’t out of the woods when it comes to Pluto and the eternal churning of ancestral karma over in Capricorn, there is still a feeling of some lightness and a gasp of relief as Mars and the Sun create a bit of distance between themselves.

Besides, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, has moved away from the 00 degrees Pisces point, which has been the stationary energy that has hovered over us for the last two months. This movement feels great, and once again, we are reminded that life on earth is one challenge after the other, but when there is movement, there is a release of hope. Once something is stationary, it feels stuck, unable to move forward or backward. It is just stuck. And now this stickiness is being released.

The South Node in Libra is also left untouched as Venus progresses into Scorpio saying bye-bye to all kinds of weird relationship experiences that were only a karmic burp from the past. Add that to the last square energy of release and letting go, and my educated guess is that people will feel a sense of relief and be relieved from some of the heaviness of the purgatory «everything» that has been going down the last couple of months, both personally and collectively.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon is very interesting in this regard (aren’t they always?): «A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria.» If only Elsie Wheeler, who channeled these symbols almost a century ago, could see how interesting her work would be because this symbol speaks volumes about the danger and opportunity of these times.

The powerful statesman taking control could easily awaken our awareness about what often happens after chaos and mayhem, and that is that some opportunistic dictator shows up and controls everything in a fascist manner. That has happened before. Just think Napoleon. He showed up on the scene after the bloodshed of the revolution and the chaos that ensued. And voila! The republic suddenly had an emperor! What a contradiction. Today, the world is turning towards a more right-wing orientation. In this sense, we might see rules and regulations being hardened and our freedom limited as the political challenges of earth are very much influencing our everyday lives. However, it could also imply that deficient leadership will be replaced by a stronger and more sane voice. Someone will have to go as the deceit is revealed.

In our personal lives, our capacity to take leadership is highlighted here. A leader is someone who has faith in themselves and whose self-confidence is turned up to the highest degree. As Jupiter in Taurus rules the Sun in Sagittarius, we get the impression that our sense of worth directly influences how we perceive our own opportunities. And as the Sun progresses through Sagittarius trining Chiron for this coming lunar phase, there is a feeling that the understanding of the Self will be healed in one way or another.

Chiron in Aries revolves around identity. Who are we really? This is a great question that sits at the very core of any self-realization process. Enlightenment is about realization. The concepts can be theoretical, or they can be realized. The latter is, of course, absolutely empowering, whereas the former only creates ideas about how liberation would be.

The wounds of the human are many. Emotional, physical, and even spiritual, as we have all been trained to think certain things about ourselves according to numerous ideas about what divinity is and isn’t. But once those limiting ideas are transcended, and we realize that we are neither this nor that, but we are all that, we are sniffing out a sense of identity that moves way beyond the limitations of gender, race, and culture. We are humans. Humans are inhabitants of the Solar System. The Solar System is part of a larger cosmic neighborhood, yet our identities are sometimes stuck in a limited understanding as we identify with our wounds.

Well, Cosmos is ordering a healing of that understanding and opening the mystical realm of self-realization for us this week. What to believe is not always easy to figure out, but if you have a vision that is clear as day to you, stay with it. It is the gift that will embody your life. Do not give up. It is time to take leadership!

Sol W Jonassen

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