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Waning Moon 13º Cancer Oct 6, 2023


〰️ Balance is the mantra 〰️

It feels a tad ecliptic out there as we are fast approaching the Solar Eclipse on the 14th of October, and this last quarter phase of the Moon will inspire us to lead with the heart no matter how many challenges and triggers we meet on our way. Cosmos is really showing off the whole spectrum of what it means to be human right now, reminding us that we can be so strong and fierce, yet at the same time, both vulnerable and flawed.

As this lunar phase unfolds, this particular paradox will be ours to explore. Not only is the Moon in very close proximity to the degree of the star Sirius (14 Cancer), but the Sabian symbol for the Moon is: «A very old man facing the space to the North East» giving off a slightly mysterious, wise and magical vibe. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, has long been associated with the connection to the spiritual realm. Some people even see it as an elder to our Sun or Logos, guiding and leading through a more experienced Logos or higher consciousness. According to esoteric lore, Sirius is considered the heart center of the Cosmic Logos, so we got a potent spiritual sprinkle on this cosmic cocktail. However, with the influx of spiritual light, the many underlying imbalances could surface even more clearly, and in that sense, it can be challenging to maintain control.

It is said that the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

On top of that, we are in the middle of sun cycle 25, with peak sunspot activity expected in 2025, but it’s absolutely felt to the core these days. An influx of this type of energy requires so much more of us to maintain balance. And right now, Mars square Pluto is hitting it off, hinting at another big boost that is hard to regulate. No need for that double espresso, in other words. Looks like the sky is providing plenty. It is gasoline poured on a burning fire.

It does help to keep things sane that the Sun is waxing to an opposition to Chiron, the by now famous Centaur of Wisdom and healer’s healer. This transit will help us to be humble and accepting. Chiron represents the capacity to regulate the instinctual nature if we will, and we know how to. Tools, tools, and more tools. Breath therapy, bodywork, meditation, healing. If it works, go for it. With such a substantial influx of energy, rest could prove difficult. We could feel exhausted and overwhelmed yet completely hyper-stimulated at the same time. We might get triggered by something in our relationships, politics, and social matters or by our ambitions and survival instincts and get so wound up that it is hard to find the off-button. However, with the Sun dancing through Libra, balance is the mantra. Wisdom is experience merged with knowledge; through remembering previous experiences, we can stop before crossing over. Then, as if touched by magic, the energy of the coming lunar phase could be more potent than we could ever imagine. Passionately driven, but not too hot.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, but this is undoubtedly the week to figure out where to begin, accompanied by a realistic approach. As mentioned, Chiron will keep us humble. It will help us to listen to the body and accept that which we cannot move. The downtime will help us realign our emotions, which could be the smartest thing we ever did as it will prevent disaster spun out of stress.

Venus will cross into Virgo on the 8th/9th of October and oppose Saturn along the way. She is out of Leo, ready to make some real changes, and with the opposition to Saturn, she will not lose her head in the process. This is a make-or-break signature that will test the health of our relationships. The Sun-Chiron opposition happens at the same time, as well as the peak Mars square Pluto vibe, so if we had enough of something, we will also realize that it is not only a matter of being fed up, it is also a matter of health and sustainability. Relationship issues will loom, and once we remember to listen to the Wise Old Man or Woman inside, we could find equilibrium in the middle of a very hefty lunar phase.

To be a good human being is not always easy when under pressure. But that is what this current lunar phase is asking of us. Big changes are on our plates, and even though change is scary, it is also very refreshing. No one will leave these ecliptic waters without being touched by the wheel of change. It is speeding up, so keep working on your capacity to master the art of balancing paradoxes and dilemmas, the heart with the mind, the body with Spirit. And for god’s sake, rest in between!

Sol W Jonassen

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