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Waning Moon 13º Libra Jan 3, 2024


〰️ Follow the rhythm of nature 〰️

This cardinal last square lunar phase invites us to examine what is required in our own lives to find a more functional balance. As the Libra Moon squares the very ambitious Capricorn Sun, it is well worth mentioning that the Sun squares our centaur teacher, Chiron, and this reminds us to keep in mind that we can do a lot, but we can’t do it all.

The Sabian Symbol for the last quarter Moon, «A Noon Siesta» reflects the same idea, and there seems to be an underlying theme of having to break with some societal norms, rules, and regulations or other people’s expectations in order to achieve the needed balance. A rampant superstition that the only way to succeed is to push oneself to exhaustion to achieve anything is well embedded in our capitalistic mindsets. However, if we follow the rhythm of nature, we will experience that our downtime, the rest, and the noon siesta are the most marvelous creative moments. When everything is still, and we let the flow of consciousness move without obstruction, our tension dissolves, and we are once again reignited and healed.

Out of that state of being, new creativity arises, problems dissolve, solutions come to us, and we get to perform not only at our best but with an efficiency that only the nourished brain can produce. Why do lots and lots and get nothing done when you can yawn, stretch, enjoy, breathe, and then get to it in the most ingenious way? In other words, it is more productive to rest than what we have been taught to believe. Hence, breaking free from the old idea that hard work and success are synonymous is important.

However redundantly it might seem to mention, we shall not mistake inertia for resting. It is a state of peace we are talking about, one of willingness to let go of tension and an ability to trust that time will be sufficient and that we will be up for the tasks when they come. The panther is resting, looking quite blissed out, but rest assured, the panther is up on its feet when the time is there.

It is said that Leonardo Da Vinci followed a somewhat unusual sleeping pattern, one where he took a series of power naps at regular intervals throughout the day, and the result was a highly energized, productive human being who set his mark upon human history. Albert Einstein was said to sleep 10 hours every night AND he had regular naps. It looks like the mind of brilliance requires a reboot from time to time in order to function, and this alone should make us question the quantity of time we are expected to perform at a high level.

As the Sun squares Chiron and reminds us that our bodies carry wisdom beyond words, Mars will enter Capricorn, creating an odd contrast between what the body wants and needs and what the boss requires. As the Moon enters Sagittarius the 7th, all planets but Saturn and Neptune will be in earth and fire. This is good news because it helps us to trust our intuition and capacity to deal with life’s many challenges. People born with earth and fire dominant in their charts are often the most independent people we will ever meet. They take care of their own business like no one else will, and often, you’ll find a host of people relying on the resources of these capable people. Now, we all get a taste of this energy!

Fire motivates, and earth manifests. Imagine what we can achieve with these forces cooking on the stove. However, be mindful that before running a marathon, building your cottage, conquering the world, or managing your household, you need to rest. And rest shamelessly. As I usually say, there is little point in eating chocolate if you only feel guilty for eating it. You might as well just drop it because the guilt itself is more poisonous than the chocolate. The same goes for resting. You will have to find a place of rest beyond the chambers of guilt.

Mars will form a sextile during this waning lunar phase, so your body could feel bruised and battered after too much running while in Sagittarius. So do yourself a favor and chill down, knowing deep inside your heart that you’ll help no one if you are exhausted.

Chiron reminds us that we cannot hero our way through life and that there is no honor in burning ourselves out. That could be a helpful reminder to stick on a post-it and hang on the fridge. Mercury is still racing through Sagittarius and crossing the Galactic Center for the third time this winter, and grand ideas are certainly coming through. Still, if you are too busy with being busy, you won’t be able to hear the whisper of the great cosmos offering its brilliant inspiration.

Sol W Jonassen

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