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Waning Moon 13º Scorpio Feb 2, 2024


〰️ Befriend uncertainty 〰️

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the New Moon in Capricorn that squared the lunar nodes and include in this perspective the transition of the Sun to Pluto that came after, culminating in a very powerful Full Moon conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter. Then, it becomes clear that the last quarter phase of the Moon in Scorpio will speed up a process of release and liberation that has been brewing for a while. The death process that is Pluto has to do with shedding a layer of the ego that has outlived its purpose. It is more intense for those who feel stagnant and see no way out than for those who live closer to their true selves and embrace change as a natural part of life.

The Scorpio Moon is confronting and, in that, creative, although, as with all things Scorpio, this push towards change could be born entirely out of inner pressure and vital needs. It could be a deep longing that finds no expression, or it could take the form of a conscious, co-creative impulse to release an attachment in order to move forward. It all depends on our individual situation, and thus, it can range from feeling stuck and stagnant to having gone through a deep, emotional process of purification where we then experience that the old no longer hold power over our willpower.

The crisis of consciousness that is this last quarter phase of the Moon could present us with a realization of who we no longer feel we are. Still, it could leave us uncertain as to where we are going. This is the glitch between the past and the future, and this twilight zone is often ridden with questions and uncertainties rather than clear-cut answers and direction. We have to hover above it all, befriending uncertainty.

As the Sun waxes to a square to Uranus, Mercury will conjunct Pluto, and we will find ourselves in the middle of Pluto-Uranus territory. As Pluto and Uranus now are in signs that square each other, Aquarius and Taurus, financial conditions could determine what we can and cannot do, which could feel frustrating. However, the Sabian Symbol for the current Moon: «Telephone linemen at work installing new connections» is very promising as it is a metaphor for something that lifts our minds into a more solution-oriented space.

A telephone line is suggestive of new neural pathways forming so that communication with higher consciousness can happen. It makes sense that we cannot solve a problem from the same level it was created, and for us to actualize and synthesize our inner and outer world, we have to take a step back and get a clear and solid connection to a more enlightened part of ourselves. Denial won’t cut it. The truth that the archetypes of Uranus and Pluto reveal is very often of such an intense, sudden, and undeniable honesty that it more or less causes an upheaval or revolution of some sort, and that is perhaps what is needed.

This symbol also reminds us of the interconnectedness of everything. As we evolve as a species, we become increasingly more advanced and sensitive to the larger ocean of emotions we all are embedded in. We could experience a remarkable healing due to this feeling of being intertwined and connected. If loneliness was a problem, the isolation could now lift.

It could also point to new connections being made. If our network suddenly opens up, new possibilities are seen, and then the hopeless psychic terrain of closed doors and no options shifts into one of potential and visions. A change cannot be made without a new vision. We need to see that our efforts are not in vain, and once we see this, we are fueled up with power and motivation to keep on keeping on. And then even more doors open.

As the Moon moves into its balsamic phase, it is crossing the rulers of the lunar nodes Mars and Venus in Capricorn, and here we are reminded of the responsibilities to ourselves and others and that it is up to us to create the necessary changes. Truth is the best remedy for negative karma, and if you find yourself in a situation that feels very karmic and fated, ask yourself what it is you need to correct and be brave enough to make the right choice, which is probably also the most difficult one. The reward will be enormously satisfying.

Growth requires effort, and if you have put in much effort, this last lunar square could help you release the last bit of attachment to your old ways of being, and the promise of a better life, a real upgrade, is no longer just a promise, it is starting to become real.

Sol W Jonassen

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